Ad deals keep NYC band afloat

Mooney“People’s opinions about selling out seem to have changed over the years,” according to Jack White, who may or may not be writing a jingle for Coca-Cola. (That particular news thread has gone dead quiet in the past few weeks.) But here’s a band that seems utterly unconflicted about licensing its music for commercials: The Mooney Suzuki. The New York-based group spent several months without a label to call home, and in that time, were it not for the money generated by such deals, “the band would have had to break up,” their manager, Lisa Barbaris, tells Billboard. The ad deals (with brands like Coors, American Eagle and now, fittingly, Suzuki) were a natural, says the band. “The people we’re having meetings with at the agencies are the same people we went to art and design school with, literally,” one band member says. “So, it felt good to work together, and it helps to pay our bills.” The Mooney Suzuki is now signed to Richard Branson’s V2 Records, home of the White Stripes.

—Posted by Tim Nudd