Ad creatives whip up ’08 campaign posters


Adweek asked a bunch of big-name creatives to come up with mock ads for the presidential candidates. Deutsch’s take on Obama as chick-magnet party-guy (in the ad above, whipped up before Obama chose Biden instead of Paris) hits close to home for me: It’s a vivid reminder of how hip I’ll never be. Butler, Shine’s McCain poster reads, "God is my running mate," but recent poll numbers don’t bear that out. Anomaly plays the age card and takes a poke at "McCain Erickson." Um … I don’t get it. Maybe it’s a typo. Waaait. … No, still don’t get it. Check out all the work, and support your favorite in the Adweek comments section (and the election in November).

—Posted by David Gianatasio