5 BRs, 5 BAs, 5 SWF

Real_estate_sex_adGlad to see someone has finally addressed, (i.e. The New York Times) the weird trend toward using sex to sell condos. (That’s condos, not condoms.) As anyone who has been spending time in Manhattan lately can attest, the marketing for many of the new high-end, yuppie-oriented developments would lead some to believe that they were seething with brothel-like activity amid the granite countertops and extra deep soaking tubs. Not to mention rampant tattooing—the ad at right is for The Link, a new building on W. 52nd St. where, apparently, one of the special amenities is bald guys who will come into your swank digs and give you a tattoo any time of the day or night. As for Madison Avenue types, the story only quotes Linda Kaplan Thaler, who says, "In the 1980s and ’90s, sex was very disruptive and naughty and taboo so we wanted to take a peek … it’s not the new taboo anymore." Hmmm … does this mean she’s backing off the fake orgasm strategy she once employed to sell Herbal Essences?

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor