32 slogans face off in Slate’s ad bracket

Having lost more than I care to admit on office pools for NCAA basketball tournaments, I’m not participating this year. But that hasn’t stopped me from killing time on Slate’s interactive bracket for ad slogans. (Scroll to the bottom for the ad-slogans link.) Based on the new book Bracketology, which I think I simply have to get, the site pits some of the best-known ad slogans against each other, letting you decide your own winner. For my money, “You deserve a break today” is far better than “Have it your way,” though I have a tough time deciding between “A pause that refreshes” and “the Pepsi generation.” (But “Just do it” trumps them all.) And after you’ve wasted enough of your time, click on the link to Phil Dusenberry’s bracket (hint: great minds think alike), complete with commentary on some of his picks. Now that I think about it, this might be the best way for those Sweet 16 Springfields to compete for the Simpsons movie premiere. And the winner is: Springfield.

—Posted by Aaron Baar