1974 fire-safety PSA: the creepiest ad ever?


Here's some seriously freaky stuff: a 1974 horror-movie-ish fire-safety PSA from England called "Searchers," by director John Krish. The spot is collected on a new DVD called Stop! Look! Listen! from the British Film Institute, featuring classic British PSAs aimed (according to the BFI's own blurb) at preventing you from being "killed on the road; burnt to death; abducted by strangers; crushed by tractors; drowned at sea, and so on." Sounds like a barrel of laughs. Of the "Searchers" spot, the BFI recently tweeted: "John Krish's notorious fire safety film traumatized a generation of viewers. Approach with caution!" Wise advice indeed! This definitely would have made AdFreak's Freakiest Ads of 1974 list.