10 most stupidest marketing blunders of ’09


Media maven and former Brandweek journalist Constantine Von Hoffman, on his Collateral Damage blog, serves up his annual list of the worst marketing blunders of the year. Jay Leno's new show is No. 1. On the worst list, I mean. In the TV ratings, of course, it's much lower. The KFC-Oprah coupon episode placed second. Frankly, I don't think that was quite the fiasco some make it out to be. The story got lots of media play. Sure, the coverage was overwhelmingly negative, but it was a step up from that KFC-Taco Bell rats-in-NYC coverage a few years back. And when some franchisees refused to honor the coupons, they saved folks from having to eat that stuff. I don't see any losers there. Also on the list: greedy bankers, American Girl's homeless doll and Tiger Woods. One plus for Tiger: He didn't star in one of the worst ads of '09, as selected by the Tracy Awards. The way things are going, that might just be the highlight of his year.

—Posted by David Gianatasio