‘02138’: a mag for people better than you

021381Whilst at the 25th reunion of our significant other last weekend, we were handed information for 02138, the new magazine for Harvard alums that’s not officially sanctioned by the university. (02138 is the ZIP code of Harvard’s Cambridge, Mass., neighborhood. If you went there, we guess you’d know.) Here are some choice tidbits from the brochure: The editorial director is Benjamin Taylor, a 1969 grad who is former publisher and executive editor of the Boston Globe, and advisory board members include Atlantic Monthly national correspondent James Fallows (class of ’70) and Steven Brill, who is on the board not because he went to Harvard but because he’s Steven Brill. (Ditto Details publisher Chris Mitchell, who, according to this link, went to Berkeley and got a master’s in publishing at NYU.) The brochure also includes an exclusive poll of Harvard alumni on whether Harvard president Lawrence Summers, whose greatest claim to fame now seems to be his controversial thoughts on women in science, should stay or go. (Sixty-three percent said no, though 64 percent of women—almost twice the percentage of men—thought he had “diminished Harvard’s reputation.”) As elitist as the magazine will no doubt be, we’re surprised that it went so pop culture in its first issue: the cover boy is Tommy Lee Jones, class of ’69.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor