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The Nike Mag Self-Lacing Sneakers Are Finally Here, but They're Only Making 89 Pairs

The Nike Mag self-lacing sneakers from Back to the Future II are finally a reality—27 years after the movie, five years after Nike built a Mag prototype, and seven months…

This Brand Put 16 Cameras in a Family's Home for 2 Weeks and Made Ads From the Footage

How do you shoot real, authentic, unscripted footage of a family for your advertising campaign? Set up a bunch of cameras around their house, and then go away for a…

That Epic Audi 'Duel' Commercial? Here's What It Looks Like Played Forward

  brightcove.createExperiences(); Audi's "Duel" commercial, by Venables Bell & Partners, which was made to air around the three presidential debates, is…

A Bunch of Brand Mascots Invaded the Adweek Offices, and Things Got a Little Weird

No one's getting much done with these guys around

  brightcove.createExperiences(); Brand mascots are great at delighting consumers everywhere with their wacky commercial antics. But try to put them to…

A Lone Red Balloon's Journey Ends Joyfully in Latest 'Practically Magic' iPhone 7 Spot

Among iOS 10's shiny new toys is a messaging feature that allows you to add effects to your message bubbles, send full-screen animations with your messages, add handwritten notes and…

Advertising Week 2016: Why CP+B Is Really Loving This Election (But Let's Hope Trump Doesn't Sue Them)

Plus, CCO Ralph Watson tells us his 3 favorite ads ever

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Advertising Week 2016: How Starburst's Little Lad Inspired Wheat Thins' Famous 'Family Guy' Ad

Grey's Lisa Topol reveals her 3 favorite ads ever, and what she's been up to lately

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Advertising Week 2016: How Facebook Wants Creative Agencies to Innovate in Live, Vertical and 360 Video

Andrew Keller discusses the platform's frontiers

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Advertising Week 2016: Jaime Robinson Talks Netflix, 'Beauty Inside' and Why Kiss Makeup Was the Best Ad Ever

Joan Creative's CCO tells us her 3 favorite ads

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Why CP+B Is Loving This Election, and Where It's Heading With American Airlines

Plus, CCO Ralph Watson tells us his 3 favorite ads ever

  brightcove.createExperiences(); Election 2016 has been an exhausting experience for just about everyone. But for brands, it's certainly created potent cultural…