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Adweek's 10 Most Read Technology Stories of 2015

Lots of Snapchat, plus Instagram, Facebook and Tinder

Here are the 10 most-read technology stories published by Adweek in 2015:     10. These Are the Digital Trends Everyone in Tech and Advertising Needs to Know Mary Meeker runs digital investments for…

Clinic Puts Boring Preroll on Popular Videos Because It Doesn't Want Anything 'Going Viral'

MedExpress vs. the viewer

Advertisers have been doing clever stuff with preroll ads for a while. We had Geico's unstoppable prerolls. And now, we have a health clinic that made incredibly boring preroll ads—in…'s Top 10 Technology Stories of 2014

The year's big wins and fails from Twitter to Tinder

Here are the 10 most-read technology stories published on in 2014:

Learn How to Block Your Ex and More in Facebook's Cute, Quirky Tutorial Videos

Facebook, at long last, finally seems to be getting the hang of the whole advertising thing. In addition to the pleasantly whimsical "Say Anything Better" ads, which have been rolling out…

The 25 Best GIFs of America's Funniest Home Videos, as Selected by Imgur

Classic show strikes a new deal with image-hosting site

Before there was YouTube, there was America's Funniest Home Videos—the place you turned for weekly video proof that Americans are the most clumsy, self-injurious and downright idiotic species of human…

Apple's New iPhone Ad Shows You More Incredible Ways You'll Never Use Your iPhone

Apple's new ad for the iPhone 5S is called "Dreams," though it might have been called "In Your Dreams." Like other recent iPhone spots (and iPad spots, for that matter), it…'s Top 10 Technology Stories of 2013

Ghost sites, Android KitKat and an oral history of Deadspin

Here are the 10 most-read technology stories published on in 2012:   10. Mike and Ike's 'Breakup' Lifted Sales and Social By Christopher Heine For the last year, boxes of Mike and Ike…

Two Total Strangers Are Getting Married Because of This Instagram Photo

Denis Lafargue and Elizabeth Wisdom really "like" each other. They met randomly through Instagram after Lafargue, of Mandeville, La., liked the photo above (of Crater Lake), posted by Wisdom, of…

Ad of the Day: Lorde's Song 'Royals' Makes Ad Debut for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Queen bee paired with king of soccer

Samsung brings together one huge up-and-coming talent and one firmly established one for its new global "Design Your Life" spot from Leo Burnett in Chicago, advertising the Galaxy Note 3…

Second Lovely Ad for the iPhone 5C Suggests You Might Want to Play With It Instead of Eating It

Say what you will about the iPhone 5C—the ads for it are gorgeous and bubbly. Apple this afternoon released the second 5C spot in the space of three days, this…