Tim Nudd

Tim Nudd

Adweek creative editor
Tim Nudd is creative editor of Adweek and editor of AdFreak, its daily blog. He oversees all of Adweek's coverage of creativity and is co-host of its weekly podcast, "Yeah, That's Probably an Ad."

Deep Blue Rises Again

Desperate for a celebrity who doesn’t have SAG commitments? Look no further: IBM’s chessaholic, Deep Blue, now has official star power. The fridge-sized chunk of artificial smarts, famous for walloping […]

Out of This World

So much for buses and subways. How’d you like your ad on a rocket? When the world’s first privately sponsored rocket climbs from Nevada’s Black Rock Desert into space this […]

The Picture of Health

}Health food carts. Yoga. Feng Shui. “Stress-Free Fridays.” Massage therapy. Personal training. No, you’re not at the Alternative Medicine Foundation. You’re at J. Walter Thompson under the leadership of president […]

klein’s brush with wealth

Put these snacks in the order they were first introduced to the public, starting with the earliest: a) Ritz Bits Sand wiches; b) Twinkies; c) Fig Newtons; d) Kellogg’s Pop […]

Driving an Idea Home

Road rage doesn’t often lead to great ideas, but it has spawned an exciting development in cab-top advertising. After first mulling an idea for an electronic bumper sticker that drivers […]

This Blessed Plot

}England’s green and pleasant land, a muse to artists and writers for centuries, could soon inspire a different set of creative souls—billboard advertisers. Many Brits were jolly upset last week […]

Creative: Campaigns – The Birthday Party

Annie Leibovitz Portraits Mark 20 Years of Absolut Jerry Lewis, looking both defeated and defiant, sits with a glass stuffed weirdly in his mouth and the bottle from the “Absolut […]

H&H Opens Diadora ‘Boot Camp’

Gear Maker Takes Aim at Soccer’s Grunts LOS ANGELES–Italian soccer shoe and apparel maker Diadora whips wimpy American players into shape in a series of three boot-camp-themed ads from Hammerquist […]

Orange Zone Kicks Up the White

T&O’s Youth Division Skis Bear Mountain LOS ANGELES–The Orange Zone, a youth-focused unit of Townsend & O’Leary, deals snowboarders a heavy dose of guerrilla marketing in its second campaign for […]

LibertyBay Cries Out for Justice

MRG’s Ads for Startup ISP Aggressively Take Aim at the Big Boys LOS ANGELES–Wasting no time lacing into its rivals, LibertyBay.com is airing inaugural TV ads that show a disgruntled […]