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Susan Kuchinskas
The Indie Woman Her virtual image is as important to her as her real-world one

She’s single, urban and loving it—but she’s no Carrie Bradshaw. Not necessarily looking for a husband, nor looking for just a good time, this leading-edge millennial woman, age 28 to…

February 27, 2012, 12:33 AM EST

The Mom Achiever The hard working, highly educated mothers of today

This segment—mothers 35 to 45—can be summed up in a word: driven. In fact, these women are in overdrive. They’ve polished off advanced degrees, earned executive jobs and see mothering…

February 27, 2012, 12:31 AM EST

The Alpha Goddess Open to anything, including technology

With age comes wisdom—at least, for a certain segment of been-there-done-that women. Employed, moneyed and content, this 55-to-64-year-old knows what she wants and, better yet, has the means to get…

February 27, 2012, 12:31 AM EST

Brave New World

2006 has been THE YEAR of Me Media, when consumers created media to fit their needs, then 2007 will be the year advertisers try to catch up to those consumers.…

September 25, 2006, 12:00 AM EDT

IQ news: New Softlink Tool Jazzes Up E-mail

Its new inChorus Pro lets marketers create e-mails that include graphics, animation, voice and sound. Softlink's proprietary compression technology minimizes download time for the recipient, and the resulting e-mails…

January 24, 2000, 12:00 AM EST

IQ News: ClickAction, RadicalMail Partner on Rich E-mail

RadicalMail today announced a partnership with e-mail services provider ClickAction. ClickAction, based in Palo Alto, Calif., will offer new and existing clients a private-label version of RadicalMail's proprietary rich…

January 24, 2000, 12:00 AM EST

IQ News: cooltool - Sign of the Times

Too busy to shop? Do it on a walk. Imagine walking down the street, seeing a billboard for an intriguing product and pointing your PDA at the sign to…

January 24, 2000, 12:00 AM EST

IQ News: Netcentive Aids Amex With Rewards Program

American Express Co. today launched BlueLoot, a rewards program for users of Blue, the new consumer credit card it introduced Sept. 8. Blue has an embedded chip that's read…

January 24, 2000, 12:00 AM EST

IQ News: Used-Car Service Debuts, Revs Site for Feb. Launch

Consumer-to-consumer used-car marketplace officially opened today, with a fully functional Web site set to go live in February.'s model combines e-commerce and online auctions with real-world inspections…

January 17, 2000, 12:00 AM EST

IQ News: IQcooltool: Attention, Please

Tiny apps go after eyeballs. Just when you thought there was no more ad real estate to be found, those canny technical types have scrounged up some new…

January 17, 2000, 12:00 AM EST