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Ice Cube is a Cop and Will Arnett is a Squirrel in Our Movie Mash

Also this week, a Tarantino-approved Israeli torture movie, plus Devil's Due

Also this week an Israeli cop movie with a Tarantino stamp of approval and Devil's Due

Her Meets Hercules Over Black Coffee

A mixed bag in the second movie mashup of 2014

A mixed bag in the second movie mash up of 2014.

Ghosts, Gangsters and Graves, Mashed Up

Happy New Year from an army of monsters in our first mashup of 2014

Happy New Year from an army of monsters in the first new movies 2014

Keanu, Streep, Stallone and DeNiro Mashed for Christmas

Holiday new releases have something for almost everyone

Something for almost everyone to take a swing at this Christmas

Hobbits, American Hustlers and Madea in This Week's Movie Trailer Mashup [Video]

New holiday season releases

In what is hoped to be a seasonal tradition, there's a new film this week from David O. Russell to follow last year's Christmas release of Silver Linings Playbook. To…

Mandela, Bettie Page, James Franco and Spike Lee's Old Boy in This Week's Movie Trailer Mashup [Video]

The holiday weekend's top flicks

As the entitled scion of Hollywood royalty, Josh Brolin could very easily have devolved into, say, Scott Caan or Jake Busey. But after two decades running the gauntlet of supporting…

Jennifer Lawrence Meets Judi Dench in Adweek's Movie Trailer Mashup [Video]

Delivery Man, Detroit Unleaded and Frozen also released this weekend

As Hunger Games: Catching Fire lights up the box office this weekend, recall 2007's The Golden Compass. This was the movie version of the first installment of His Dark Materials,…

Leo DiCaprio, Bruce Dern, Calvin & Hobbes in This Week's Movie Trailer Mashup [Video]

The Wolf of Wall Street leads the pack

Perhaps Leo DiCaprio has been too busy. Too many films. Cigarettes. Models. His ubiquity and inflexible physiognomy appear to have inspired industrial-scale quantities of online waggery querying why he is…

Trailer Mash 02-01-13

Jude Law, Nazis and lots of '70s flavor in this week's opening movies

Madcap '70s-aesthetic tribute of the week A Glimpse in the Mind of Charles Swann is a trailer so perfectly measured to the kaleidoscopic parameters of its own self-conviction, you cannot…

Trailer Mash 01-25-13

This week's most promising, confounding and childish new movies, as judged by their ads

A parallel fantasy universe movie bubbles through from a parallel universe every couple of years. (Remember Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel? No? Different universe.) This year opens with John…