Roo Ciambriello

Ad of the Day: Aunt Flo Comes to Town, and Is Comically Busy, in HelloFlo's Latest

Brand branches out by telling three stories in one

HelloFlo, famed for its comic, disruptive ads about feminine hygiene products—see "Camp Gyno" and "First Moon Party"—has released another long-form spot. Playing off the phrase "Aunt Flo's in town"—code for "I…

Ad of the Day: This Yogurt Ad Touches a Nerve, but Do Moms Love It or Hate It?

Müller tries some arch humor

Moms are a huge, powerful consumer target, and Müller Yogurt USA's newest spot, "Sanity Is Served," is targeted directly at them. But it seems to be leaving them divided. In the…

Amazon Prime Day Is Less of a Mega-Sale Than a Crappy Yard Sale, Customers Say

Prime-only offers fail to impress

UPDATE: See Amazon's mid-day statement at the bottom of this story for a description of how the site feels its Prime Day has been successful. Original story begins below: Amazon Prime…

Ad of the Day: Hefty Cups Turn Ordinary Moms Into Slang-Spewing Party Animals

Havas Worldwide on fleek

They may have played beer pong with red Solo cups in 1999, but moms have upgraded to crack-resistant party cups in Hefty's sharp and funny new campaign by Havas Worldwide…

Hugely Popular 'Like a Girl' Campaign From Always Will Return as a Super Bowl Ad

P&G brand says video has a lasting impact on girls and boys alike

With more than 80 million views worldwide, the "Like a Girl" video from Always has become an anthem for the empowerment of young women since debuting in June 2014. Now the…

Ad of the Day: Dove's Latest Film Encourages Girls to Love Their Curls

Only 4 out of 10 curly haired girls think their hair is beautiful

Dove's newest film, from Ogilvy & Mather in Paris, continues the brand's messaging of real beauty and loving oneself, but to a new crowd—girls and women with curly hair. Dove Hair:…

Ad of the Day: Crest Gets Kids All Jacked Up on Candy in Cute and Crazy Halloween Ad

Yeah, you can imagine how that goes

We're approaching the holiday where little kids dressed as Marvel superheroes and the cast of Frozen will descend upon neighborhoods across the U.S., amped up on sugar, requiring that adults…

How Ads That Empower Women Are Boosting Sales and Bettering the Industry

Advertising Week panel spotlights 'fem-vertising'

They have become some of the most popular and polarizing ads in recent years. And despite the negative commentary, despite the trolling, despite all the anonymous sneering, advocates say these…

Ad of the Day: Dove Shows Moms Just What They're Teaching Their Girls About Beauty

Good and not so good

Over the past decade, Dove has established itself as a brand that initiates conversation about real beauty and self-esteem. It latest long-form spot, "Legacy," at less than three minutes, is…

Ad of the Day: Pampers Gives Moms a Sweet Surprise on Their Baby's First Birthday

It's their milestone, too

Sit back and take four minutes to watch this lovely ad by Pampers Japan. Titled "Mom's First Birthday," it celebrates a big milestone in a new mom's life—her baby's one-year checkup.…