Roo Ciambriello

Roo Ciambriello

Roo Ciambriello is a copywriter based in New Haven, Connecticut, and has been a contributor to Adweek since 2013.

Penningtons Has a Hit With a Full-Figured Yogi Who Puts Your Shaky Headstand to Shame

Canadian clothing company Penningtons is the latest among a growing number of brands waving the body-positive banner. Its most recent activewear spot, created by lg2, showcases a bad-ass plus-size woman confidently nailing yoga poses, as on-screen copy makes unfounded—but common—assertions about why such women can't or shouldn't do yoga. 

Coca-Cola’s Ingenious Holiday Bottle Has a Label You Pull Into a Festive Bow

Can a classic drink be a gift in itself?Coca-Cola's new Christmas campaign in the U.K. includes "bow bottles"—1.75-liter containers with a label that transforms into a bow. And while lots of brands roll out special packaging for the holidays—grocery store aisles are peppered in red and green this time of the year—the bow is a unique attention grabber.

Ad of the Day: This Yogurt Ad Touches a Nerve, but Do Moms Love It or Hate It?

Moms are a huge, powerful consumer target, and Müller Yogurt USA's newest spot, "Sanity Is Served," is targeted directly at them. But it seems to be leaving them divided.

This French Ad, Aimed at Celebrating Women, Is Ridiculed for Stereotyping Them Instead

Here's a new one: An anti-sexism ad has been pulled for being, well, sexist.French TV station France 3 pulled its latest campaign after widespread criticism. The offending ad shows a home in a state of disarray—an oven smokes, children's toys are scattered, an unattended iron catches aflame, a dog is left whimpering—while ominous expect-sad-little-girl-ghost-here music plays.

Ebony’s Cracked Huxtables Cover Ignites a Mix of Praise and Outcry

It's a testament to the power of Ebony's latest cover, posted yesterday, that its design has simultaneously sparked fierce outrage and wild applause. The magazine's November issue highlights black families, and the front image is a fractured picture of the fictitious but influential Huxtable family—notably led by the now-embattled Bill Cosby.

Artist Fixes Bratz Dolls by Turning Them Into Iconic, Inspiring Women

Bratz Dolls, the polarizing children's toys known for their heavy makeup, pouty lips, and ability to give sensible adults a general feeling of discomfort, have just gotten a makeover. And it's brilliant.Artist Wendy Tsao has reimagined them as role models for young girls with some makeup removal and an outfit change.

Kids Are Given Toy Cars That Can’t Crash in This Amusingly Mean Mercedes-Benz Ad

Mercedes-Benz's new ad doubles as a social experiment for children.The automaker installed heavy-duty magnets inside toy cars to highlight its Brake Assist System PLUS. The video then shows kids—who are delighted, of course, by crashing toy cars into each other—playing with the magnet cars. Let's just say they're not in love with them.

Campbell’s Cleverly Used Star Wars in Gay-Themed Ad, but the Comments Are on the Dark Side

Campbell Soup Company's newest ad, featuring its Star Wars inspired soup, is centered around a popular line from the movie, although maybe not in the way that you'd think. The 30-second ad features a father feeding his son, and quoting Darth Vader's "I am your father." But then there's a clever twist that makes the spot unique.

Dozens of Women Leaders Star in The Limited’s Fall Fashion Campaign

Women's clothing brand The Limited has launched its fall 2015 line, and women business execs are the faces of it. With help from agency YARD, The Limited picked over 60 diverse women who are leaders in their fields—business, education, government, tech and beyond.

Amazon Prime Day Is Less of a Mega-Sale Than a Crappy Yard Sale, Customers Say

UPDATE: See Amazon's mid-day statement at the bottom of this story for a description of how the site feels its Prime Day has been successful. Original story begins below:Amazon Prime Day, marking the site's 20th birthday, arrived with much fanfare, but it seems like no one's in the mood to party.