Roo Ciambriello

Roo Ciambriello

Roo Ciambriello is a copywriter based in New Haven, Connecticut, and has been a contributor to Adweek since 2013.

This New ‘It Can Wait’ PSA Is Comically Slapstick, Until It Turns Deadly Serious

FCB melds don't-text-and-drive approaches.

See the Quietly Lovely Norwegian Ad That Got 120 Million Views in a Week

The story of 'The Lunchbox.'

Plum Organics Wants You to Have More Sex, Be Happier, Have More Kids and Buy More Baby Food

Brand launches "Do Your Part(ner)" campaign.

Betabrand Joins Dove in Gleefully Lying About Its Products in These ‘Alternative Facts’ Ads

Following a Dove ad earlier this week, Betabrand has rolled out some ads telling fibs about its products.

Zales Jewelers Gets Heat for Putting a Lesbian Couple in Its Holiday Ad

A new ad from Zales Jewelers is just what you'd expect of a jewelry brand at the outset of the holiday season—30 seconds of beautiful couples, sparkly rings, heartfelt music and emotional voiceover. But its inclusion of one same-sex couple has some people up in arms. More and more brands have been supporting the LGBTQ community, particularly since 2015's Supreme Court same-sex marriage ruling. Jewelers, in particular, have generally embraced the community—it's a good market for selling rings, after all.

How This Poster in a Women’s Restroom at a Bar Cleverly Combats Sexual Assault

A county council in England has come up with a clever and discreet way of combatting sexual violence and abuse.

Cosmo Designed a Car for Women, and That’s Going Over About as Well as You’d Expect

Women everywhere, rejoice! There is now a car just for us! Women's magazine and marketing menace Cosmopolitan announced at London Fashion Week that it's teamed up with car maker Seat to release a vehicle designed for "fun and fearless Cosmo girls."

From Writers to Directors to Musicians, Kids Made Target’s Back-to-School Ads

For retailers, the back-to-school season is especially lucrative, which makes it all the more important to ensure the message is impactful to young people. ​Nipping this problem in the bud, Target's back-to-school campaign puts the kids themselves in charge. The ads don't just star kids—they were written and directed by kids, who also illustrated the sets. Helping to organize the action was 826LA, dedicated to helping youth develop creative writing skills, and agency Adolescent. 

This Badass Bodyform Ad Elevates Menstruating Women to Modern Amazonian Warriors

The past couple of years have given us numerous disruptive examples of advertising in the feminine care space, including comical ones from HelloFlo and the award-winning inspirational video from Always. Bodyform joins the fray with its latest spot, and it's pretty badass.

Pfizer and Its Scientists Take Us Through the Lengthy Creation of a Life-Saving Drug

From price gouging to tax evasion, the pharmaceutical industry has made some pretty hefty missteps in recent history. With that in mind, drug maker Pfizer has set out to repair its sector's crumbling reputation.