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Adweek Announces the Winners of Its 2015 Brand Genius Awards

Saluting the best and brightest marketing in the business

Adweek is pleased to announce the winners of the magazine’s annual Brand Genius Awards, the marketing industry’s highest honor. Now in their 26th year, the awards recognize the talented men…

Here's What Made Coca-Cola’s Green Glass Bottle the World's Coolest Container

100 years old, and still an icon

You've probably never heard the name of Earl R. Dean. Or, for that matter, the Root Glass Company of Terre Haute, Ind. But there's a good chance that you've held… Takes Its Culinary Show on the Road—in an Airstream Trailer

Who needs the Web when you've got a camper?

Tech startups have cooked up all sorts of ways to get the attention of potential customers, but in the case of, those methods won't include the Internet. The Web-based,…

Kraft's Popular Mac and Cheese Dinner Is Officially Changing Its Name to 'KD' in Canada

National nickname catches on

Quick—when's the last time you had a little KD for dinner? Don't know? Of course you do. KD stands for Kraft Dinner, which is actually Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, which…

Restaurant Websites Are Full of Bells and Whistles—but Not This One

For Le Bernardin, a site as minimalist as its brand

Creating a sophisticated digital presence for an old-guard brand is never an easy thing. But when that brand happens to be Le Bernardin, chef Eric Ripert's legendary New York restaurant,…

Why Is Every Car on the Road Black, White, Gray or Silver?

Color choices reveal more about you than you'd think

Next time you're stuck in traffic, look around: Does it seem like nearly all the cars around you are white, black or some version of silver? If so, don't blame…

Can Yoga and a 24-Hour Test Drive Convince Young People to Buy Buicks?

Where wellness meets the road

If a dealership let you take a new car home for a whole day and night, would it increase the chances that you'd buy it? Buick hopes so. As the name suggests,…

Look Out, Coconut Water. Maple Water Could Be the Next Big Thing

It's tapped from trees, but is that a selling point or liability?

In the $13 billion bottled-water business, beverage companies like Nestlé and PepsiCo use all sorts of sophisticated equipment to fortify, blend and infuse ordinary water with everything from vitamins to…

How Mick Jagger's Mouth Became the Rolling Stones' Legendary Logo

A young designer, a Hindu goddess and £50

In early July, tickets went on sale for the Saatchi Gallery's 2016 show "Exhibitionism," two full floors of posters, costumes and other iconography belonging to the Rolling Stones. London buzzed…

Half of 2015's Best-Perceived Brands Predate the Web

Amazon rules, but traditional companies still thrive

Americans might spend a third of their time on social media, and 78 percent of us might regularly shop online, but when it comes to the brands we most trust…