Robert Klara

For Trojan, Inventive Packaging Made the Sale When Advertising Wasn't Allowed

Archives reveal how hard it was to sell condoms 100 years ago

The year 2016 saw a lot of talk about the state of American manufacturing—about jobs making stuff for great American brands. And while most of the discussion centered on products…

10 of the Stars Who've Made the USO the Biggest Celebrity Brand in History

75 years of endorsements—all for free

Quick, can you name the brand that counts more celebrity endorsers than any other in existence? A brand that's understood the power of having famous names and faces behind it…

Adweek Announces Winners of the 2016 Brand Genius Awards

Saluting marketing's best and brightest

Adweek is pleased to announce the winners of its annual Brand Genius Awards. Now in their 27th year, the awards recognize the talented men and women behind the most inventive,…

Why Official Olympic Mascots Are So Damn Weird

When a committee makes decisions, confusion is what you get

A few weeks ago, amid the pollution- and Zika-filled media run-up to Rio, a press release issued by the Olympic organizing committee for PyeongChang, Korea (where the 2018 Winter Olympics…

From the Clever to the Bizarre: Auto Brands Make the Darndest Things

Maserati sneakers, a Porsche office chair, Tesla golf balls and more

We live in a world of brand extensions—espresso machines from Starbucks, cooking utensils from the Food Network. There’s little wonder why. Parallel products launched under a major brand name can…

Check Out What Flying American Airlines Used to Be Like

The venerable carrier turns 90 years old today

Earlier today, as American Airlines' London-bound Flight 90 pushed back from the gate at Chicago O'Hare International Airport, passengers in the terminal beheld an unusual sight: The pilot popped open…

Smythson Is Bringing a Century of U.K. Style to New U.S. Stores

Leather goods were favorites of Grace Kelly, Katharine Hepburn

It printed fine stationery for maharajas and gold-emblazoned address books for Katharine Hepburn. Its leather goods and travel accessories found their way into the homes of Grace Kelly and Vivien…

The Donald Trump Decoder: Adweek's Guide to the Man and His Brands

And how they've fared during his controversial candidacy

It comes as little surprise that the most Googled questions about the GOP presidential front-runner include "What did Donald Trump say yesterday?" and "What did Donald Trump say now?" Despite—or…

Who Are the Year's Best-Loved Brands? Hint: Half Are Probably Younger Than You

Digital is dominating in the battle for hearts and minds

Conventional wisdom holds that it takes decades of hard work for a company to become the most respected in its field. Maybe that’s still true, but consider this: half of…

How Kit and Ace Uses Local Designers to Make Its Stores Into Destination Spaces

Part store, part community space, and all of it cool

Hyper-local is a popular idea in business these days and takes the form of everything from marketing (reaching shoppers through GPS) to media (news from down the street) to cuisine…