Kristina Monllos

South by Southwest Has Added Special Programming to Discuss 'Tech Under Trump'

Grappling with the next administration

Members of the technology community will address what a Trump presidency means for the industry at South by Southwest in March. The Austin, Texas-based festival has added special programming, aptly titled…

Slack Welcomes Microsoft to Messaging With Full-Page Letter That Echoes Apple's Famous 'Seriously' Ad

Ahead of Microsoft's event

Slack founders are taking marketing lessons from Steve Jobs. The workplace communication company took out a full-page ad in today's New York Times, ahead of Microsoft's Office event which will kick…

Q&A: DeRay Mckesson on Twitter Harassment and How Marketers Can Be Better Activists

Mobilizing and organizing online

  brightcove.createExperiences(); In August 2014 DeRay Mckesson, activist and co-founder of Campaign Zero, traveled from Minnesota, where he lived, to Ferguson,…

How DeRay Mckesson Turned Social Media Into a Powerful Tool for Social Justice

And harnessed Twitter to grow the Black Lives Matter movement

DeRay Mckesson is tweeting. More specifically, he's tweeting about the rapper Young Thug. We're sitting in a mostly empty Mexican restaurant inside the Dream Hotel on West 16th Street in…

Slack Co-Founder Champions Hiring Diversity at White House's First South by South Lawn

Put practices in place while you're still small

At the inaugural South by South Lawn: A White House Festival of Ideas, Art and Action on Monday, Slack co-founder Stewart Butterfield explained that it's easier to implement diversity in…

Snapchat Users Are Spending 78 Seconds on Average Playing Under Armour's Cam Newton Game

Stats for first 24 hours

Snapchat users who've come across Under Armour's new interactive game are spending an average of 78 seconds playing, according to early data.  The app's 60 million daily users in the U.S. (and…

McDonald's Unveils Burger-Inspired Art During Its First Facebook Live Video

Enlists an improv actor to channel Bob Ross

McDonald's hosted its first Facebook Live video today—an art show, The Starving Artist, reminiscent of Bob Ross' The Joy of Painting. During the hour-long program the fast food giant revealed three…

Girls Explain How Boobs, Menstruation and More Keep Them From Coding in Satirical Campaign

McCann takes a deadpan look at tech's gender gap

It should be obvious that your gender doesn't hinder your ability to code, yet women continue to face an uphill climb into tech careers thanks largely to unspoken stigmas against…

AP Tweets a Branded Story From Windex and BuzzFeed: Does Convoluted Ad Play Cross a Line?

My Big Fat Greek Wedding promo raises questions

Windex, in partnership with BuzzFeed and agency EnergyBBDO, created a sponsored listicle earlier this month to capitalize on the brand's connection to My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. The sequel to the…

President Obama's Pit Stop at a Texas Taco Chain Gave It a Huge Boost on Social

Torchy's got a historical visit

During his visit to Austin where he delivered a South by Southwest keynote, President Obama made time for tacos—specifically Torchy's Tacos, a burgeoning chain beloved by Texas residents. Of course, the president's…