Ki Mae Heussner

Google Study Sees African-Americans More Responsive to Digital Marketing

Smartphones key in reaching group

Listen up advertisers, if you want to make an impact with digitally connected African American consumers, try targeting them on their mobile phones. So suggests Google in a study on “digital…

Ad Buyers on AOL-Microsoft-Yahoo Deal: What's in It for Us?

While analysts pan reported pact as too short-term

Apparently applying the “enemy of my enemy is my friend” philosophy, AOL, Yahoo, and Microsoft are reportedly working on a deal to sell each other’s online advertising inventory. But while…

Nielsen Ratings Tool Designed to Compare TV, Web

Can metrics firm finally nail down Web standard?

Measurement company Nielsen has long offered the industry standard for TV ratings, but can it do the same for the Web? Later this month, Nielsen will release a new service that…

Fast Chat: Google Gets a Magazine

Head of global ad marketing Lisa Gevelber on its B2B play

Why is Google making a magazine? Think Quarterly really came to be out of the insight that, at Google, we use research and analysis from inside Google and outside to inform…

AOL Ad Sales Boss Jeff Levick Out

CEO Tim Armstrong shakes up management team

Looks like it's shake-up time again at AOL. In a memo to AOLers today, CEO Tim Armstrong announced a batch of management changes. The latest major casualty of AOL’s continuing comeback?…

Fast Chat: Penry Price on Ad Targeting, Jet Packs

Former Google sales vp discusses joining Media6Degrees

After seven years leading global agency sales at Google, why leave now? This is about the next layer of ad targeting. We’ve used these blunt objects of demographics and even psychographics…

Really? Microsoft Sued by Gag Gift Company

Novelty firm claims Microsoft copies its ads

Remember those Microsoft Windows 7 ads depicting smartphone addicts who can’t put down their gadgets long enough to get busy in the bedroom and the bathroom? There’s the silver-haired executive type…

Pandora Targets Men With SoBe Lizard, Supermodel Kate Upton

Launches first in-tuner animated video ad

Want to know how Internet radio service Pandora plans to engage its users’ ears and eyes? With slithering lizards and sexy supermodels—for today, at least. To promote SoBe's 'Try Everything' campaign, Pandora…

The Panelization of Media and Tech: Fanfare, Fame…Fatigue?

Putting the confab-glutted market under a microscope

Another day, another panel. Or at least that’s how it started to feel this spring, when it was conference galore for New York’s technorati. In between breakfast summits sponsored by…