Kari Lipschutz

Brewers Tap Hispanic Consumers

Industry proposes a toast

American brewers are directing their attention to a demographic that they hope will be the answer to a third consecutive year of declining sales volume. MillerCoors, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Heineken, and…

Google Doing Good in Japan

Street View, repurposed

Google is doing its best to make good with the people of Japan. After more than a decade in the country, Google is hoping to transform privacy-conscious Japanese Internet users…

WordPress Hits 50 Million Blogs

Another milestone for creator Mullenweg

Wordpress celebrated its 50 millionth blog on Sunday—half of which are self-hosted. Just a day after reaching the achievement, WordPress welcomed more than 130,000 more self-hosting bloggers to the WordPress…

Social Media Background Check? Uh oh.

Gizmodo tests 'Social Intelligence' service

In May of this year, the FTC said a company called Social Intelligence could start conducting background checks on employees’ Internet and social media history. There was outrage when the…

ISPs Agree to Scold Users Suspected of Copyright Violations

But service cutoffs not on the table yet

Illegal downloaders could see their Net access slowed, according to a new anti-piracy initiative implemented by Internet service providers at the behest of large copyright owners in the entertaiment industry.…

iPhones in Space

Galaxy Discovery for $1

NASA is taking austerity seriously. The agency is sending up a duo of Apple iPhone 4s into space to conduct a series of experiments using a $1 app. The crew of…

Looking Back at the U.S.’ Own Voicemail Hacking Scandal

Exposé forced newspaper to apologize and pay up

The News of the World phone hacking scandal has elicited disgust from across the globe, calling into question the methods used by aggressive reporters in pursuit of a scoop. Particularly,…

Google+ Product Steps on Startup's Toes

The Huddle muddle

One of the features that made Google+ different from Facebook, "Huddle", is now in hot water. A London-based startup by the same name that offers cloud-based communication is not happy…

Google Realtime Disappears

Search engine stops showing Twitter results

Google and Twitter are parting ways—for the time being at least. Google has deactivated its Realtime service, which was largely comprised of search results derived from Twitter. Over the weekend, Search…

Amazon Buys U.K. Competitor

Book Depository purchase to boost international dominance

Amazon is making a move to become even more international. The online bookseller has just acquired the Book Depository International, a U.K. bookseller that distinguishes itself as being home to…