Kari Lipschutz

Social Monitoring Program Saves Kids Embarrassment

Software offers parents calculated insight

The use of social networking sites is now an integral part of communication among teenagers. But unlike older users, this group faces particular dangers that can make parents wary. Striking…

Google Warns of Malware

Windows users beware

A word of caution from Google: Beware, Windows Google users. The company says perhaps more than 1 million computers have been infected with a strain of malware that affects Google…

Bloomberg Reports: News Corp. Mulls Replacing Murdoch as CEO

COO Carey reportedly flagged for No. 1 spot

News Corp.’s independent directors are discussing shifting Chief Operating Officer Chase Carey to the role of chief executive officer, Bloomberg reports from anonymous sources. This would make him Rupert Murdoch’s…

Borders to Close Its Doors

Bookseller fails to find buyer

Borders will be closing its doors by the end of September, liquidating its remaining 399 stores starting as early as this week. The closure comes as the United States’ second-largest…

'WSJ' Editorial Skewers News Corp.'s Critics

Paper defends publisher while pointing fingers

News Corporation’s stock has plummeted to a two-year low in Australia, and former News International Chief Executive Rebekah Brooks has been arrested, both as the world continues to voice outrage over the…

Don't Expect Facebook to Fuel Your Google+ Habit

User trolling for Google+ friends gets shot down

Finding friends on Google+ isn’t necessarily easy, but think twice before you turn to Facebook for help. The social networking giant doesn’t take kindly to users running ads on its…

Apple Wins Patent Case Against HTC

Infringement Ruling Bad News for HTC

The U.S. International Trade Commission handed Apple a small victory when it ruled that HTC infringed on two of the company’s patents. The judgment is a turning point in a…

Your Brain on Google

Human memory adapts to technology

Google is becoming your brain’s external hard drive. A new study shows that the regular use of search engines and online reference materials is affecting the way users remember and…

SeeSaw Saved by Investors

Bebo's investors snatch stake of online TV service

Investors swooped in to save troubled online television service SeeSaw in a deal estimated to be worth around $16 million. A private equity firm in the U.S. that also acquired…

Yahoo's New Ad Network

Personalized content targets Web publishers

Yahoo’s websites aren’t getting the face time with users that they used to. The slip in time spent on the company’s websites is bad for business, but Yahoo decided that…