Kari Lipschutz

Trapped in Luxury, Journalists Stuck in Tripoli Hotel

News teams remain locked down in Qaddafi stronghold

As rebels and loyalists in Libya squabble over who has control of Tripoli, some international journalists are uncharacteristically quiet on the sidelines. Reporters and news staff from the BBC, Reuters,…

Bloomberg Reports: News Corp. Mulls Replacing Murdoch as CEO

COO Carey reportedly flagged for No. 1 spot

News Corp.’s independent directors are discussing shifting Chief Operating Officer Chase Carey to the role of chief executive officer, Bloomberg reports from anonymous sources. This would make him Rupert Murdoch’s…

'WSJ' Editorial Skewers News Corp.'s Critics

Paper defends publisher while pointing fingers

News Corporation’s stock has plummeted to a two-year low in Australia, and former News International Chief Executive Rebekah Brooks has been arrested, both as the world continues to voice outrage over the…

Looking Back at the U.S.’ Own Voicemail Hacking Scandal

Exposé forced newspaper to apologize and pay up

The News of the World phone hacking scandal has elicited disgust from across the globe, calling into question the methods used by aggressive reporters in pursuit of a scoop. Particularly,…

NYT Ditches the Red Sox

Offloading shares proves difficult

The New York Times Co. is struggling to offload its shares in the Boston Red Sox. Three buyers snatched up a portion of the shares for $117 million in cash,…

'Spin' Shakes Up Leadership

Declining ad sales leads to ousters

Spin ousted its editor-in-chief Doug Brod and publisher Malcom Campbell yesterday. Some believe the shake-up was fueled by the magazine’s declining ad sales amid the overall poor health of print…

Keller Blurs Line Between Writer and Executive

'NYT' editor irritates staff with new column

It was announced yesterday that Jill Abramson would succeed Bill Keller as New York Times executive editor, making her the first woman in the paper’s history to hold the position.…

Scotland Scoffs at Super Injunction

Soccer stars' secrets may not be safe in all of the U.K.

Tension has been mounting for weeks on end as the British public gets restless. They're waiting for some news outlet to leak the name of the Premier League player who…

British Unpaid Interns May Have Recourse

Judgement rules unpaid intern deserves cash

British unpaid interns rejoice, the U.K. may now recognize you as a paid worker. Keri Hudson, a 21-year-old former intern at online review site My Village, is one of the…

Barnes & Noble Gets Buyout Offer

Bookseller mulls takeover

Barnes & Noble announced it received a buyout offer from Liberty Media. The deal would value the struggling bookseller at $1 billion. Liberty Media has its fingers in many media pots,…