Kari Lipschutz

Craig Ferguson Gets Anthrax Scare

FBI, LAPD investigate menacing letter

Craig Ferguson had planned to do a bit about the East Coast earthquake on his show last night. Instead, he cracked a few uneasy jokes about the envelope packed with…

DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket on PlayStation 3

Satellite TV provider lures football-loving game console users

PlayStation 3 owners, are you ready for some football? DirecTV will now offer its NFL Sunday Ticket To-Go access on a host of new devices, including the PlayStation 3, the…

Christine O’Donnell Tells Piers Morgan He’s Rude, Walks Off Set

Tea Partier dodges gay marriage question

Tea Party politician Christine O’Donnell walked off the set of Piers Morgan’s interview show on CNN yesterday. After Morgan shot her a series of questions she didn't want to answer,…

Relativity Media Teams Up With Chinese Partners

SkyLand and Huaxia offer an in to elusive market

Relativity Media, the film studio responsible for producing Bridesmaids and The Social Network, is entering a partnership with Huaxia Film Distribution and SkyLand Film-Television Development, both Chinese companies. The move…

PBS Plans for Transatlantic Venture

U.K. to gain another public broadcaster channel

The BBC might soon have a public broadcasting companion in the U.K. PBS has long been the go-to channel for those Americans looking for public television programming and reports suggest…

U.K. Viewers Ignore Product Placement Advisory

'P' logo goes unnoticed

Product placement in television programming is a clever way for advertisers to subliminally reach viewers. In the U.K., the practice is carefully monitored by the government and accompanied by a…

Weinergate: The Price of a Scoop

How much did ABC pay for the exclusive?

Last week, ABC News interviewed Meagan Broussard, making her one of the most visible women of the "Weiner 6." The interview was a scoop for the network and early reports…

Weinergate in the Media

N.Y. congressman has friends, foes, and those just looking for a scoop

New York Congressman Anthony Weiner finally put to rest swirling rumors about a now infamous NSFW image that appeared on the politician’s Twitter feed on May 27. At a news…

PBS Interrupted

Broadcaster moves to new format

PBS has been a beacon for uninterrupted programming for decades. During the broadcaster’s recent annual meeting, however, member stations were informed that the model was changing. Beginning this fall, interruptions…

BBC Spends Big Money Defending Israel-Palestine Coverage

A shoddy complaints procedure drives up legal fees

Critics of the BBC are a persistent bunch. A freedom of information request by The Guardian’s MediaGuardian found that the broadcaster spent more than $1.1 million between 2007 and 2011…