Garett Sloane

If You're Into Man-on-Man Suckling, You've Come to the Right B-to-B Ad

Here's an ad that might make you question the nature of the Internet, who you are and what makes you happy. OK, maybe not all that, but it does touch…

Twitter Eyes 500 Million Unregistered Users to Keep Up With Facebook

The social media site's plan to get more people on board

It's no secret that Twitter is experiencing growing pains. Last quarter, the messaging service added only 4 million new users, giving it 288 million monthly active users—versus Facebook's 1.4 billion…

7 Far Out Technologies That Marketers Must See at CES

The future is all about getting what we want, when we want

Eureka Park is full of the technology that will infuse marketing for years to come. This is the area at the Consumer Electronics Show where the most high-concept, innovative and…

8 Gadgets That Are Mesmerizing the Crowds at CES This Year

From smart cars to 'selfie sticks'

The best toys at the Consumer Electronics Show are the ones that make you want to grab them, never put them down and never look away. Our devices have become…

Take a Peek Inside Sony's Home of the Future in This Virtual Tour

Tech integration in every room—even above the bed

Sony's home of the future, called the Life Space UX, is all about screens. Screens projected everywhere. Interactive screens on the kitchen table. Screens in the shower. Even screens on…

These Will Be the 6 Hottest Categories at CES

Drones, robotics, awesome TVs and more

Wearables will be even more wearable. TVs more viewable. Drones more available. 3-D more printable. This year's Consumer Electronics Show will feature everything from biometric socks to 3-D scanners, and…

12 Reddit Posts That Ruled the Internet in 2014

The most attention-grabbing memes, videos and photos of the year

Reddit has become the Internet's worst-kept secret, now with 175 million monthly visitors, according to its own stats. Still, it can feel like a hidden corner of the Web, as…

This Sloth Sings for a Good Cause: Saving Americans From Too Much Work

Costa Rica is pulling out all the sloths to boost tourism. The Central American nation hired 22squared for its North American advertising, and the agency put together a digital campaign…

Here Are This Year's Digital Hot List Winners

Instagram, Netflix, TMZ lead 2014's tech roster

10 Ad Mascots You Probably Didn't Know Were Related to Kermit the Frog

Jim Henson creations have a storied history in advertising, going back to the 1950s, when a violent proto-Kermit pitched Wilkins Coffee with 10-second TV spots. Tappy, the latest creation from Jim…