Erin Griffith

Shazam to Power Up to a Third of Super Bowl Ads

Sound recognition app now directs viewers to more content, deals

Shazam, the novel app iPhone once used as a selling point for its App Store, is in monetization mode. And with 175 million downloads and $32 million in venture backing, the…

Xbox 360 Gets Content-y

Gaming system strikes deal with more than 40 entertainment providers

This holiday season Microsoft is giving the gift of content. Through its Xbox gaming system, the company has announced a content deal with more than 40 entertainment providers spanning cable,…

'Deadliest Warrior' Finale to Close the Social TV 'Feedback Loop'

Loyalize brings real-time polling to live show

Spike TV has tapped social TV app-maker Loyalize to power a live feedback loop for the Wednesday finale of Deadliest Warrior (airs 9:00 EST). The show will allow contestants to…

Teatime with Tyra

Tyra Banks, self described "supermodel turned super mogul," heads up a Demand Media-backed "Tea with Tyra" roundtable event this afternoon before taking the stage at the Digitas NewFront conference. But…

NBCU Shorts: Branding in Six Minutes

NBC Universal has wrangled millions of viewers into watching long commercials

Ever watch a six-minute commercial? By choice? Neither have we. And yet, through its branded digital shorts, NBC Universal has wrangled millions of people into doing exactly that. Viewers catch NBCU’s…

Freston, Raine Group, WPP Back More Vice

Vice Media, peddler of provocative magazines, books and video, took a significant outside investment Tuesday from a close-knit, if not incestuous, set of deep pockets. Advertising and media conglomerate WPP,…