D.M. Levine

ABC News, NBC News Snipe Over Paying Sources

NBC gloating over ABC's policy change prompts return fire

As ABC News moves away from checkbook journalism, its competitors are starting to gloat—and distance themselves from similar practices. “We were happy to hear about this change in ABC News…

The crowd watching Foo Fighters perform at Hyde Park on June 1.

YouTube Starts to Look Like a TV Network

Lollapalooza Livestream just the latest step

YouTube may be a technology company at heart, but more and more it speaks the language of traditional TV programmers. The site is unveiling a new deal today with sponsors…

Piers Morgan Emerges as a Staunch Defender of Murdoch

An unlikely position for a CNN host

Rupert Murdoch has an increasingly outspoken defender on TV: Piers Morgan. After a week of relative silence on the subject of the ballooning phone hacking scandal, the CNN prime-time host…

Piers Morgan Finally Addresses Murdoch Phone Hacking On Air

Breaks week of silence

After a week of silence on the matter amid a growing chorus of questions surrounding his role in the ballooning phone hacking scandal in Britain, CNN primetime host Piers Morgan…

CNN Streaming Audience Will Be Tough to Measure

Online chief says usage will drive better metrics

CNN’s online chief, KC Estenson, says he isn’t all that concerned about the fact that he can’t yet measure a new chunk of his audience. “To me, measurement follows usage,”…

Andrew Ross Sorkin Named Co-Host of CNBC's 'Squawk Box'

'New York Times' columnist takes over for Carl Quintanilla

CNBC has named a replacement for Carl Quintanilla on Squawk Box, its morning news program: New York Times columnist and Too Big to Fail author Andrew Ross Sorkin. According to an…

CNN Keeping Mum About Piers Morgan Hacking Allegations

Network hasn't covered story about its anchor

CNN hasn't been shy about covering the phone hacking related woes of News Corp., parent of rival news network Fox News. It's devoted more than 100 segments to the scandal, according to…

Oprah Takes Over as CEO of OWN

Source says title will be more than honorific

Oprah Winfrey is cementing her control over her struggling cable network. Earlier this morning, OWN announced that Winfrey will be taking over as chief executive officer and chief creative officer…

Netflix Raising Prices

Cable providers likely to be pleased with announcement

The cable world must be rejoicing: Netflix is raising its prices. In a post to the company blog earlier today, the video rental service announced plans to rearrange its billing scheme.…

Hacking Added to News Corp. Shareholder Lawsuit

Latest revelations prompt amendment to class action

The ballooning phone hacking scandal that brought down Rupert Murdoch’s  News of the World tabloid in the U.K. last week has begun to infect his U.S. business dealings. Earlier today,…