David Kiefaber

David Kiefaber is a contributor to Adweek.
David Kiefaber is a frequent contributor to Adweek's creativity blog, AdFreak.

Will You #TrySomeStew? Chicago Man’s Friends Surprise Him With a Bus-Stop Personals Ad

'This shows they really care,' says Ryan Stew.

Mutual Rescue’s Heartbreaking New Film Explores the Bond Between a Dying Girl and Her Pet Kitten

Meet Kylie and Liza.

Chicano Batman Did a Pretty Excellent Version of ‘This Land Is Your Land’ for Johnnie Walker

L.A. soul band contributes to "Keep Walking America."

Love Conquers All in Interflora’s Lovely Period Piece Set in the ’20s

Risking it all for romance.

Ric Flair Is a Complete Lunatic as a Used-Car Salesman in Ads for US Auto Sales

Let's get one thing clear right off the bat. "Nature Boy" Ric Flair is a national treasure. He's also a human train wreck who lives on the knife-edge of self-parody, but even that is a gift. If Jay Gatsby had lived long enough to become your embarrassing uncle, he'd be Ric Flair.

Does Nike’s New Ad With Nick Kyrgios Make Light of Mental Illness?

Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios' temperamental behavior, and frequent perceived lack of effort, are the subject of a new online Nike ad. But not everyone is happy with the message it seems to be sending. 

DiGiorno Wrote a Rap Song About Pizza, and It’s … Pretty Tight, Actually

As football season winds down, DiGiorno tries to whip up some pre-Super Bowl momentum with its first proper No. 1 jam, "Rise to the Occasion." The music video, which is kind of all over the place, stars Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller and LMFAO's Redfoo as roommates singing about frozen pizza for three minutes, with a supporting cast of Devvon Terrell, Diamond White, Madilyn Bailey, Marcus Perez and O-Fresh.

Britain Banned This Sweet Heinz Ad, Saying Drumming on Empty Bean Cans Is Dangerous

We haven't heard much from the Advertising Standards Authority for a minute, but our fun-ruining homies across the pond haven't lost a step. This time, the British ad watchdog's target is a Heinz ad in which people use empty bean cans as drums—which nine viewers considered an unsafe practice that shouldn't be encouraged on TV. The ASA agreed with the complaints, and banned the ad, saying people could cut themselves on the empty cans. Given that the video starts with a tutorial on how to make bean-can drums, which includes taping over the sharp edges, I'd say Heinz covered their bases pretty well here.

Andrew Garfield Learns How to Hug Properly in This Off-Kilter PSA About Empathy

The non-profit organization Youth Mentoring collaborated with Los Angeles-based creative duo Armen Perian and Rosie Geozalian on a project that, if nothing else, dried up some of Andrew Garfield's vanishing free time.  It's called "Hug It Out!" It's a spoof of 1990s educational PSAs, and it promotes hugs as a tool for increasing compassion with one another. 

Ad of the Day: Parents Get Their Kids to Ask Santa for a Lexus in Automaker’s Holiday Ads

Lexus has rolled out its 2016 Christmas campaign, the latest installment of its "December to Remember" sales event advertising from agency Team One, and it has various adults manipulating kids into hitting up Santa for a Lexus this year.