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Here's How CPG Marketers Are Getting an Edge This Holiday Season

Trends for the future

How will CPG marketers use programmatic this holiday season? And what does the landscape of multiscreen programmatic look like in…

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CPG Brands Should Be Going All In on Programmatic This Shopping Season

Targeting at a higher level

Many marketers think the term "programmatic" refers only to auction-based, automated buying for digital advertising. The truth is that this…

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This Is How Automotive Advertisers Are Building Their Brands With Data

Both local and relevant

According to a recent study conducted by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), 96 percent of consumers research online before making…

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The Only Way Retailers Can Beat Showrooming Is With Data

Programmatic strategies

The basic principle of judo is to use an opponents' strengths against them. Over the past several years, e-retailers have…

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This Is How to Sell Cars With Data in 2015

Two words: multiscreen programmatic

Today's car shoppers are universally connected, but conventional targeting methods are less effective than ever, thanks to the proliferation of…

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How Savvy Brands Steal the Competition's Audience

After all the hard work is done

If you work in advertising, you know that it's harder than ever to capture the attention—let alone win the affection—of…

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How Smart Media Planners Are Combining Video and Television

And mistakes to avoid

As advertisers chase consumers across an ever-expanding video landscape, data has become the most efficient way to allocate ad spend.

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How to Become an Advertiser on HBO’s Game of Thrones

Data, not scabbards

It's no secret that the HBO's series Game of Thrones is absolutely crushing its Sunday night competition, summoning an ever-growing…

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Infographic: People Who Eat Fast Food Also Watch The Biggest Loser

And other audience insights

Sometimes your best decisions are based on hunches. You might think a certain TV show is a great fit for…