Christopher Heine

Christopher Heine

Christopher Heine is technology editor of Adweek.
Christopher Heine is technology editor of Adweek, where he oversees coverage of today's rapidly evolving digital world. Chris and his reporting team specialize in covering data, mobile trends, social media, ad tech and emerging platforms.

Pokemon Go Is Still Going, With New Content and Big Brand Partnerships

It took less than eight weeks last summer for Pokemon Go to attract 500 million users (called “trainers,” in the game’s parlance), representing a scale that Facebook took six years to achieve.

These Mobile Innovators Are Shaping the Future of Advertising

In search of a veritable who's who in the mobile marketing space, Adweek beat the bushes to shed light on the minds behind great mobile campaigns that are transforming the marketing world.

Snap Inc.’s Spectacles Are Now Available for Anyone to Buy Online

The distribution for the video-recording sunglasses had been limited to a few touring vending machines.

From Snapchat Scrutiny to the Power of Earned Media, Here Are 7 Digital Stats From This Week

A new study found that 48 percent of adult Snapchat users said the app is "just a fad."

Facebook Autoplay Videos Will Soon Play With Sound, if That’s What You Want

The digital company aims to have the feature rolled out globally by the end of 2017.

These 7 Valentine’s Day Mobile Stats Show Where Lovers Go and How They Met

Older dudes are more into Tinder than you think, while mature women like eHarmony.

YouTube’s Biggest Star, PewDiePie, Has Been Dropped by Disney’s Maker Studios Over Anti-Semitism

As YouTube's most-watched star, Kjellberg had accrued 14.7 billion views and attracted 53 million subscribers.

The Washington Post Will Now Cover Breaking News for Snapchat’s Discover Channel

The publication has distinguished itself with original reporting around the 2016 presidential election.

8 Digital Marketing Stats From This Week That Caught Our Eye

The interactive numbers from 84 Lumber and Anheuser-Busch's Super Bowl LI efforts were impressive.

Anheuser-Busch’s Snapchat Ads for Super Bowl LI Are Garnering Impressive Data

AB Inbev's ads on the app have been viewed by millions, and its video game has accrued 4,700 hours of time spent.