Angela Natividad

Angela Natividad

Adweek contributor
Angela Natividad is a frequent contributor to Adweek's creativity blog, AdFreak. She is also the author of Generation Creation and co-founder of Hurrah, an esports agency. She lives in Paris and when she isn't writing, she can be found picking food off your plate.

How This Agency Used Ad Blockers to Recruit the Kind of Creatives It Wanted to Hire

Generally speaking, a challenge that disrupts your business model is a chance to invent whole new ones. The Internet—and all the disruption-enabling goodies it's brought with it, like ad blocking—has proven no different ... though many brands and publishers are still trying to sort their Rubik's Cubes out. But sometimes a different perspective is sufficient to bring you closer to solving the problem than others. In the case study below, Belgian ad agency Boondoggle explains how it used adblockers to recruit new employees. 

Ad of the Day: Zappos Delivered 1,900 Boxes to Hanover, N.H., That No One Ordered

Zappos has always taken its "Delivering happiness" mantra seriously, at least where customers are concerned. To express it this holiday, and alongside agency Mullen Lowe, it pulled a stunt that's almost sure to guarantee social newsfeed

This Excellent Climate Campaign Makes Saving the World the Easiest Decision Ever

Some decisions aren't hard to make. Saving the world is one of them.The Climate Reality Project, founded by Al Gore, partnered with Mustache Agency to produce the World's Easiest Decision, a website meant to drive signatures to pressure leaders into taking climate negotiations in Paris seriously this week. 

Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein Are Banished to the Kids’ Table in Old Navy’s Holiday Ad

Hot off that Snoop Dogg robbery ad with Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Kumail Nanjiani, Old Navy and Chandelier Creative have put a new creative duo in another improbable situation.

This Provocative PSA Argues That Refugees Actually Should Be Treated Like Animals

Nervous about the rising tide of refugees crossing borders en masse? You're not alone. To help put things in perspective, the Association for the Rights of Immigrants and Refugees in Tunisia (ADIRT) has a surprising solution. "#LikeAnimals," a two-minute ad created by Memac Ogilvy Label, takes a documentary-style approach to humanity that puts mass migration in a more familiar context.

600 Fake Outdoor Ads in Paris Blast Corporate Sponsors of the COP21 Climate Talks

Couldn't make it to Dismaland before its rapid shut-down? That's OK. There's always Paris.Just in time for the COP21 Climate Conference, an organization called Brandalism has hijacked over 600 outdoor ad spaces in the city, replacing them with climate change-related art ... and what, at first glance, look like ordinary ads for brands like Total, Air France, Dow Chemicals, GDF Suez and Volkswagen.

Quality Street Celebrates the Holidays With the Most Epic Littering You’ve Ever Seen

Around the holidays, one item you'll find in a British home is a Quality Street tin, packed with chocolates whose flavors vary by wrapper color. The appearance of the tin—developed in the 1930s, when only the wealthy could afford fancy varietal boxes of chocolates (how they'd turn in their graves now!)—with the first chill wind has become as much a tradition as the tall, three-variety popcorn tin that always appears in your house when the tree goes up. "The proper start of Christmas is when the Quality Street tub appears. It's as magical as the first snowflake," says J. Walter Thompson London creative director David Masterman.So what did they do to ensure the brand got its rightful recognition this holiday season? "We made Quality Street a wonderful place where it snows wrappers." Right. 

This Bike Maker Wants Videos of the Parts of Cities You Can Explore Only on Two Wheels

Foldable bike brand Brompton Bikes has launched #MyUnseenCity, a worldwide effort to commission videos exploring the hidden parts of people's cities. Created for the launch of its limited-edition Brompton Black Edition, of which only 5,000 will be made, the competition draws inspiration from moments you can experience only on the seat of a two-wheeler. 

This Marks & Spencer Ad Is a Winter Wonderland of Sparkling Edibles

You won't find kitschy stockings and hardened fruitcakes at a Marks & Spencer home.Building on its "Adventures in ..." campaign, the British retailer is launching a multifilm series to showcase its holiday-themed food. "Adventures in Surprises," the first film of the season, both whets the appetite and feeds party planning ideas.

Virgin America’s Bus-Shelter Ads Use Google Street View to Take You Inside Its Planes

Travel often? Use Google Street View? Hell, maybe you'll love Virgin America's Seat View.It's exactly what it sounds like: You use the campaign to "stroll" through the Airbus A320 that flies out of all 22 destinations Virgin America serves. Nervous about the leg room in coach? Check out Main Cabin Select. Or wander right past the partitions into First Class, though sadly you won't be able to try the built-in lumbar massagers.And it's not just online—you can try Seat View from bus shelters in six markets, too.