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Why Ads Go Viral, and What Made Apple's 'Taylor vs. Treadmill' the Perfect Viral Spot

Unruly breaks down the science of sharing

  brightcove.createExperiences(); There's a lot of mystery around what makes a video go viral and the factors that can catapult content…

How the Budweiser Garage Brewed Up an Immersive Experience for SXSW Attendees [Video]

Anheuser-Busch pours itself into Austin

Virtual reality experiences have started to take over popular culture—if you want to be somewhere you can't be, well, there's a VR headset for that. But a virtual beer? Is…

Watch Fans Get Real Tattoos of Suicide Squad Characters at Warner Bros. SXSW Activation [Video]

A new level of loyalty

There is no shortage of immersive activations at South by Southwest this year, but none can boast an experience that literally stays with fans for the rest of their lives, like…

Meet the Ridiculously Cute Pets That Come to Work at L.A.'s Canine-Crazy Ad Agencies

Going to the dogs

Striking that perfect work-life balance can be quite the challenge for those of us with little ones at home, their slobbery faces pressed up against the window, waiting for mom…

The 15 Oddest 'Advertising Agency' Stock Photos on Getty

They paint a weird picture of your business

Here at Adweek, we're often looking for stock photos to illustrate stories about the ad industry. And while we're certainly no strangers to the potential pitfalls of stock imagery, searching…

Celebrate 4/20 With Adweek's Trippy Supercut of Psychedelic Ads [Video]

All rolled up into a sensory spliff

For those of you who are celebrating what many consider to be cannabis' biggest holiday, we thought we'd try to accommodate your mind state. So, we cut together some of…

Ad of the Day: United Healthcare Reminds Us Why Dirty Dancing Is Best Left to the Pros

Might not be the time of your life

We've all been there—the opening chords of "(I've Had) The Time of My Life" from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack begin to play, and there's only one appropriate thing to do. Whether you're…

How Austin's Biggest Agency Threw One of the Best Parties at SXSW [Video]

Check out our behind-the-scenes tour of GSD&M's big night

Best known lately for Petsmart's perfectly bizarre spot and an irreverent Avocados from Mexico Super Bowl ad, GSD&M is one of the more versatile agencies in the industry. And being…

Amazingly, Everyone Loved McDonald's SXSW Food Truck. Well, Except All the Other Food Trucks [Video]

Most were lovin’ it, some not so much

Food trucks are everywhere in Austin. And now, there's a new kid in town. That new kid is McDonald's, the fast-food juggernaut and 2015 South by Southwest sponsor. As if people…

Ad of the Day: Android Celebrates Unlikely Animal Buddies in Maybe the Cutest Spot Ever

Droga5 commercial is ridiculously easy to get along with

Dogs and cats living together. Mass hysteria! The latest ad for Google's Android is hysterical, and adorable, as it features various pairings of different animal species playing and frolicking with each…