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The 12 Smartest Media Agency Execs in the Business Today

Adweek's 2013 Media All-Stars

Each year, Adweek’s reporters and editors identify 12 media agency executives who are responsible for the most pioneering and successful ideas on behalf of their clients. Hailing from such shops…

Mayo Draftfcb Wins Project Isaac Gravity Award

Lima-based agency takes top honor for water-harvesting billboard

Lima, Peru-based ad agency Mayo Draftfcb won Adweek's first Project Isaac Gravity award Wednesday night for creating a billboard that harvests humidity from the surrounding air and converts it into…

Clio Names Google 2013 Advertiser of the Year

Ogilvy & Mather wins Agency Network of the Year

The Clio Awards has named Google its 2013 Advertiser of the Year, Ogilvy & Mather its 2013 Agency Network of the Year and Marcel Worldwide in Paris its 2013 Agency…

Patricia Field Named Second 2013 Honorary Clio Winner


The Clio Awards has named stylist and designer Patricia Field a winner of this year's Honorary Clio Award. Field is the second recipient of the award to be named this year,… Wins 2013 Honorary Clio

Modern Family's Eric Stonestreet to host awards show

The Clio Awards has named musician and entrepreneur the recipient of the 2013 Honorary Clio Award. Since 2009, the best-of-advertising show has granted an Honorary Clio Award, which recognizes exceptional…

Coca-Cola Wins Inaugural Brand Icon Award From the CLIOs

Soda giant has led marketing innovation for a century

The Coca-Cola Company has won the inaugural Brand Icon Award—a new distinction from the CLIO Awards, the global competition for advertising, design and communications. Pio Schunker, head of integrated marketing…

News Corp. Analysts, Who Are These Guys?

On Murdoch call, the customary course is the order of the day

While many in the press anxiously awaited News Corp.’s quarterly earnings call with analysts on Wednesday, the reality of the event quickly killed any anticipated drama after weeks of coverage…

First Mover Interview: Randall Rothenberg

Back at the IAB, the short-time Time Inc. exec ruminates on post-modern man.

Adweek: Every issue we’re going to have a conversation with a media person who’s recently changed jobs—like you. But your new job is your old job. You ran the IAB,…

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Dating back to his stint on Fernwood Tonight, Fred Willard has made a brilliant career of playing doltish people. And he's just as good at it in a series of…


At the beginning of this commercial (via agency Gearon Hoffman), we're welcomed to Scottrade, "where you get the knowledge and resources to become a more confident investor." There's something a…