Brandy Shaul

Star Wars: Puzzle Droids Is Disney’s Latest Star Wars Mobile Game

Over the years, companies including Electronic Arts, Netmarble, Konami and even Rovio have released games based on the Star Wars license, and some of these games have been used to advertise new films in the franchise via the addition of themed content updates.

Here’s How to Share a Facebook Post

Did you know you have multiple options when it comes to sharing the Facebook posts you see in your News Feed?

The New York Times Launches on Snapchat Discover

The New York Times Snapchat Discover channel has officially gone live, and it will post stories five days per week, Monday through Friday.

Samsung Created an Android Chat App for Users With Language Disorders

The Wemogee app serves as a translator between text and emoji, and it contains a library of more than 140 phrases related to major themes.

Here’s How to Turn Off Chat in Facebook Messenger

Did you know Facebook Messenger allows you to turn off chat so that you won't appear in your friends' "Active" lists?

Here’s How to Create Lists on Twitter

Have you ever wanted to organize specific Twitter users into themed groups, or lists, so you could easily keep track of their posts?

Instagram on Android Now Has Offline Functionality

Instagram announced at Facebook's F8 developers conference that it has added offline support to the Android version of its photo- and video-sharing app

Infield Chatter Social Network Lets MLB Players Interact With Fans

With the Infield Chatter app, fans and MLB players can share pictures, videos and text to their in-app feeds.

Twitter Quietly Added Support for Two-Factor Authentication Apps

This feature allows Twitter users to use third-party apps to protect their accounts.

Here’s How to Add Multiple Accounts in the Twitter App

Our guide will show you how to add multiple accounts to the Twitter app.