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CES 2014
It’s Like Déjà Vu All Over Again at Yahoo Is Mayer turning the clock back to 2009?

It’s a whole new era at Yahoo ever since CES rock star Marissa Mayer took over. Except when it isn’t. Much of her tenure has been about free food and iPhones,…

January 13 7:01AM

7 Pieces of Tech From CES to Keep an Eye On New, unusual or just plain cool

The 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, held last week in Las Vegas, was a wonderland of next-generation craziness, some useless gadgets, other useful gadgets, and more and more hardware vanishing into…

January 12 10:28PM

WWE Network Will Stream on Connected Devices, Not Cable Long-gestating channel ready for prime time

At the Wynn Hotel and Casino on Wednesday evening, wrestlers including Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin and WWE chief brand officer Stephanie McMahon dropped another bombshell in the streaming…

January 8 11:55PM

FCC to Wait and See on AT&T-Sponsored Data Plan Chairman and commissioners unsure if plan violates net neutrality rules

Critics of AT&T’s sponsored data plan say it’s a clear violation of the Federal Communications Commission’s net neutrality rules, but the FCC isn’t so sure. Based on comments made at two…

January 8 10:49PM

FTC to Congress: Don't Wait for Us to Pass Patent Troll Legislation Tech industry still pushing for action

Congress shouldn’t wait for a pending Federal Trade Commission investigation into patent troll practices before passing legislation, commissioner Julie Brill said today during an International CES panel on patent litigation…

January 8 4:43PM

Cisco's Chambers: 2014 Will Be an Inflection Point for the Internet of Everything Slick keynote wows attendees

Cisco’s John Chambers did Las Vegas proud with a slick, focused keynote heralding the arrival of the Internet of Everything. Complete with celebrity schtick from Sarah Silverman and seamless demos…

January 7 11:38PM

Check-In CES: Haptic Headphones Transmitting sound simultaneously through skin, ear, and bone

Health technology meets entertainment at Able Planet, a company known equally for hearing aids and consumer audio. Their new Linx Fusion line of headphones takes the best elements of both…

January 7 6:21PM

Check-In CES: China Ups Its Game Huawei’s presence may be symbolic, but its hardware lineup can compete

Huawei is a major electronics manufacturer in China, but is still relatively unknown in the American market. Fortunately for CES attendees, their undaunted presence at CES shows a continuing interest…

January 7 6:16PM

Check-In CES: New Home Security One single, elegant device

While other home security technologies become more complex and interconnected, Canary decided to do the exact opposite, with stunning results. Canary decided to take the core functions of home security…

January 7 6:14PM

Check-In CES: Self-driving Cars Not nearly as futuristic as you might think

Mercedes-Benz has driven a self-driving car 62 miles on the public streets of Germany, while Google has logged thousands of miles stateside with their technology. Even so, not many people…

January 7 6:11PM

Yahoo Reboots Ad Business in Attempt to Own Ad Tech Mayer 's CES keynote unveils unified ad suite, Web buying platform

It’s getting harder to accuse Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer of not caring much for the ad business. In fact, Yahoo wants to place itself at the center of the online ad…

January 7 6:07PM

Check-In CES: Dazzling Dashboards Functions that go well beyond audio entertainment

There are two ways cars of the future will become connected – dashboard interfaces and smart windshields. The former is the more realistic, near-term solution. The latter is the more…

January 7 6:06PM

Check-In CES: Pocket-size Health Miniature devices provide insightful data

Monitoring one’s health was once limited to annual visits to the doctor’s office, with the exception of home scales and thermometers. Today, the technology needed to provide insightful, trended data…

January 7 6:03PM

Check-In CES: Consumer Drones This company can help consumers experiment with the technology today

Amazon changed the way people think about drones when Jeff Bezos revealed his plans for an octocopter army on national television. These delivery drones would bring packages directly from Amazon…

January 7 5:51PM

Check-In CES: Steam Box Revolution Gaming consoles built around Valve’s SteamOS

CES 2014 will be the coming-out party for Steam Machines, a lineup of gaming consoles built around Valve’s SteamOS. Unlike Sony’s PlayStation 4 or Microsoft’s Xbox One, Valve is opening…

January 7 5:48PM

Check-In CES: Hidden Gaming Gems From NVIDIA to Razer, the South Hall is a gamer's paradise

The South Hall is a paradise for gamers, bookended by powerhouses NVIDIA and Razer. NVIDIA is best known for its GPUs, which act as the graphics engine behind some of…

January 7 5:33PM

Check-In CES: U.S. Postal Service The battle to maintain relevance in the digital age

While no one wants to admit it, there’s a lot of underlying tension at CES. Mega-corporations are sizing up the competition before another year of one-upmanship while startups drop their…

January 7 5:29PM

Check-In CES: Mapping Your World Countless applications could take advantage of a 3D world

Occipital is an extremely clever product which mounts onto the camera of an iPad to map the environment in 3D. There are countless applications for a mobile device which can…

January 7 5:21PM

Check-In CES: Bitcoin Goes Legit Currency continues to grow and gain acceptance

If value is a good measure of success, then 2013 was a wildly successful year for Bitcoin, which saw its price increase roughly 6,000% from beginning to end. Yet the…

January 7 5:17PM

Check-In CES: Prevent Foot Fatigue Slip into something more comfortable

You’re a CES attendee, so you’re probably wearing a FuelBand, Jawbone, FitBit, Shine, or some other fitness tracker. I guarantee that you’ll be hitting your goals every day you’re here. Take…

January 7 5:04PM

Check-In CES: Guitar Playing 101 Kickstarter helped launch the gTar

Becoming a rock star is every kid’s dream, however the time and effort it takes to learn an instrument prohibits most from achieving this. While the introduction of Guitar Hero…

January 7 5:01PM

Check-In CES: Your Life Monitored Are you eating too quickly?

HAPILABS dominated the CES 2013 headlines with its HAPIfork. This fork uses haptic feedback to alert you when you are eating too quickly and then sends information about your eating…

January 7 4:51PM

Check-In CES: Smartwatch Startups The all-purpose wrist device is proving a more difficult proposition than expected

Wearable technology is presented as a single trend, but it is in fact the convergence of two trends – fitness tracking and smartphone connectivity. The next wave of wrist technologies…

January 7 4:45PM

Check-In CES: 3-D Printing With Style The improvements from last year are astounding

The 3-D Printing TechZone at CES is sure to yield some of the most compelling demonstrations at the show, as companies vie to make complex structures materialize in front of…

January 7 4:40PM

Check-In CES: Image Is Everything Larger companies need to think outside the box

One of the most decorated companies at CES 2014 won’t have a booth. Fuseproject won several Innovations Design and Engineering awards this year at CES for its contributions to an…

January 7 4:34PM

Vince Gilligan Talks Better Call Saul and Tech at CES Breaking Bad spinoff will roll out on AMC ‘within about a year’

Kazuo Hirai, chairman of Sony, introduced a surprise guest at the CES 2014 keynote: Vince Gilligan, creator/showrunner of AMC’s hit Breaking Bad, whom he interviewed along with Michael Lynton, CEO…

January 7 2:46PM

Check-In CES: Sony This tech company isn't just a television marketer anymore

Video detail

January 7 2:45PM

Check-In CES: Hardware Doesn't Necessarily Drive Content Why some companies are taking a step back from 3-D

January 7 2:43PM

Check-In CES: Connected Appliances You'll soon be able to text your refrigerator

January 7 2:42PM

Shapiro Delivers Strong Political Message at CES CEA head preaches reform of antiquated laws

Consumer Electronics Association head Gary Shapiro opened CES 2014 with a politically charged speech, issuing surprisingly blunt challenges to everyone from Congress to the government of China: "Believe in innovation:…

January 7 2:40PM

Check-In CES: Intel's Problem There's more to the equation than content and bandwidth

January 7 2:39PM

Sony Announces Streaming TV and Gaming Service PlayStation Now PlayStation is coming to your tablet

PlayStation caused a stir at CES this morning when Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House announced that the company would be launching not just a new service with DVR, on-demand…

January 7 2:23PM

Check-In CES: Connected Media This device will be key when everything is connected

Video detail

January 7 1:16PM

Check-In CES: Is 4K All It's Worked Up to Be? Contrast and brightness play a major role in image quality

January 7 1:11PM

Check-In CES: TVs of the Future Are households ready for 8K?

January 7 1:08PM

4K Is Great for Everybody Except the TV Networks Also, poor Michael Bay gets stage fright

Most of it you'll just see in the video, but Michael Bay was not able to make it through the presentation he was supposed to be giving in Las Vegas…

January 7 11:46AM

Michael Bay Panics at Samsung CES Show Director leaves stage after teleprompter fails

Hollywood director Michael Bay just freaked out at a Samsung presentation in Las Vegas. The Transformers director walked off stage after a teleprompter malfunction left him for a loss for…

January 6 7:56PM

CES 2014 Preview: Time to Learn Mandarin (and Korean) Vegas gears up for electronics show

As of Monday's pre-show, CES 2014 in Las Vegas is off to a bumpy start, with so many delays out of New York's JFK and LaGuardia airports that vendors and…

January 6 6:56PM

Check-In CES: Who's Top Dog at CES? This technology company always seems to deliver

January 6 4:48PM

Check-In CES: Chinese Electronics Can these companies compete in the U.S. market?

January 6 3:34PM

Check-In CES: Rise of Curved Glass Function and integration are 2 key driving factors

January 6 2:04PM

Check-In CES: The Battle of Mobile Processors Intel and Qualcomm compete for the top spot

January 6 2:03PM

Pandora Rolls Out In-Car Ads Web radio giant claims nearly 9% of total listening

Pandora's ad business just got wheels. The Internet radio giant has launched its first in-car advertising product, just in time for the launch of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.…

January 6 9:30AM

Wearable Tech, From Head to Toe We're way past Google Glass at this point

In the near future, tech will be wearable and marketable. Indeed, the most forward-thinking brands already see opportunities to integrate with the new mobile computing chips in glasses, watches and…

January 5 9:47PM

The 'Internet of Things' Heralds the Arrival of the Jetsons Age Your fridge may soon tell you when to buy milk

What smartphones and apps have done to connect people to the Internet wherever they go, emerging new technologies will soon connect seemingly every other object in your life (even the…

January 5 9:46PM

Check-In CES: Eye Controls This technology finally makes its way into consumer market

January 3 7:34PM

Check-In CES: Gaming With Robots The computer just got smarter

January 3 7:32PM

Check-In CES: The Virtual Reality Flood The Matrix floodgates have just been opened

January 3 7:30PM

Check-In CES: Future of Sports Tech The next step is wearable technology

January 3 7:27PM

Check-In CES: Consumer Night Vision Technology Companies like Flir are moving into the nocturnal sight tech

January 3 7:12PM

Celebrities Put the 'C' in CES Big names drawn to Las Vegas tech fest

The Consumer Electronics Show always plays host to tech-savvy celebrities. This year is no different—the Las Vegas event has booked some big acts to go along with the gadgets. A few…

January 2 2:49PM

Twitter, Publicis Execs to Share Stage at CES Other panelists from Facebook, Salesforce, MillerCoors and Ford

The CEOs of two of the hottest companies of 2013 are set to share a stage at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show. Twitter's Dick Costolo is scheduled to join in an…

December 12 11:09AM

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