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Jamie Lendino is a contributing editor for mediabistro.com’s Mobile Media News blog. He also writes a monthly column for mediabistro.com on related issues. Lendino is also the editor of Smart […]

MySpace Music Player from Sonific

Sonific music player is one more great player that you can use to embed in your MySpace profile or blog, actually Sonific have about twenty different code examples to place […]

Create SlideShow for Your MySpace Photos

Today I have found maybe the easiest way to publish your photo gallery online, you can have your photo slideshow on MySpace just in seconds.

Flash Site of the Month – OurType

For the Flash site of the month I have picked OurType website because of the design of the web page and also for the high quality product they offer. ?

B*sh – if you want to complain

I have thought about why many of us is complaining every day about millions of things and are killing their friends and colleagues with this. Now I can suggest them […]

Free MiniCards from Bebo

Bebo, which is one of the most popular social networks today, has joined the Moo to offer possibility for users to print 100 MiniCards of their Bebo photos. Now Bebo […]

Finetune Audio Player for MySpace and Blogs

I was searching for interesting blog widgets and I found this music player from Finetune which is very well designed and easy to embed in your MySpace profile or Blog. […]

Switching to Tiger Admin plugin V3.0

From the very first weeks of blogging I started to use Tiger Admin plug-in for RotorBlog.com because it has much better design and was much comfortable in use than the […]

Facebook page views continue to skyrocket

It’s now been a couple of months since the infamous feeds launch at Facebook. At the time some lauded Facebook for building a feature that would save users time but […]

Receive More From Your FeedBurner Plug-In

After BlogBeat acquisition FeedBurner is now offering StandardStats service to track site statistics and now you are able to track feed and site audience from your FeedBurner account without any […]