First Facebook Desktop App Launches

Want a way to stop having to refresh your browser every few minutes to see what they are up to? Would you prefer to have instant access to all of […]

Why Facebook Will Ultimately Trump MySpace

I have developed a theory on why Facebook will ultimately trump MySpace and it has nothing to do with innovation, technology or the new Facebook Applications Platform. In my opinion, […]

Facebook business cards

Bryan Veloso designed these sharp business cards for facebook corporate. By Jesse Thomas Connect with me on Twitter | on Facebook | on Linkedin | my blog | my portfolio

Stock Pick Competition for Facebook Users

As a prior Finance club member, I remember playing stock picking games as a useful tool for becoming accustomed to trading stocks. Thanks to Ryan Price, you can now play […]

Facebook Platform Week 2: Development Heats Up

The Facebook application directory, which supposedly keeps track of the “Newest” apps as well as the most popular, has not been appreciably updated in a while. A visit to an […]

Vote on the Cutest Dogs with Dogster’s Facebook App

Dogster, the social network for dogs, now has a Facebook app, Dogster: Cute. Right now, it’s pretty simple – basically HotOrNot for dogs. You vote on which dogs are the […]

Digg’s Facebook App: Competing with Facebook’s Share

Digg’s new Facebook App lets you show the 5 items you’ve most recently Dugg right on your profile. It’s simple, handy, and easy to use. But more interesting is that […]

Digg Launches Facebook Application

The highly popular social media site Digg has launched a Facebook application. The application displays a user’s five most recent articles that they’ve dugg. While the application does not currently […]

What if.. facebook allowed you to pull in your photos from flickr?

I store my photos on flickr. I also store my photos on facebook.. This causes me to have to upload twice, which is obviously a pain. What if.. facebook allowed […]

Be One Of The First To Download Yahoo Messenger For Windows Vista

New version for Yahoo Messenger that will be developed especially for Windows Vista should arrive in a few months and, if you want to be one of the first, who […]