DRM-free Music from Apple? Not So Fast

You might say Apple was being sneaky. Apple’s latest iTunes Plus service lets consumers buy unprotected music tracks, free from the restrictive DRM that plagues the rest of the online […]

Photo2RSS Helps Stream Photos

Want to be able to keep up to date on all of your friend’s pictures. Thanks to Aditya Mukherjee you can now subscribe via RSS to and of your friend’s […]

Official Del.icio.us App for Facebook!

A lot of people are using the unofficial delicious app, but guess what? The official Delicious app for facebook just went live! Now we can all share our Del.icio.us links […]

Get it while you can: Myspace design “sense” meets Facebook platform

Facebook has always been known for its clean, minimal look, and the fact that it does not allow users to spice up their stylesheets with their own colors or themes […]

Flickr2Facebook: Add Flickr Photos With Ease

If you’re like me and you’ve already put hundreds of photos on Flickr then you’re probably looking at the Facebook photo album and despairing. Sure, the Facebook album can do […]

Let Friends Text You From Your Profile

Want to let Facebook users text you from your profile without giving out your phone number? Thanks to Sandy McFadden, now you can. The “Text Me” application adds a “Text […]

Lala.com Now Streams Music to iPods

The AP is reporting that Lala.com, a CD trading site, recently launched a new service that streams music directly to iPods. This means you wouldn’t have to maintain a library […]

Intern Nation Launches Facebook App

Are you a college student looking to get a summer internship? Are you looking to switch jobs and have enough money that you can afford a temporary pay cut? Intern […]

More Details on the Amp’d Mobile Blowout

BusinessWeek shed some light on the Amp’d Mobile chapter 11 filing. It seems that while they had about 175,000 subscribers, about 80,000 of them – or almost half – were […]

Honesty Box is Sure to Stir Up Drama

A new application developed by Dan Peguine and Yael Eligoulachvili is sure to create some problems. After adding “Honesty Box” you enable visitors to your profile the ability to post […]