XMe App Proves Popular With Facebook Users

A Cambridge University student, Timothy Green, was tired of poking people and wanted something else to do to people. In turn the XMe Facebook application was born. XMe enables users […]

Graffiti App Lets Friends Tag Your Profile

Want to let friends draw things on the walls of your profile? You are in luck because the new Graffiti application launched by Ted Suzman, Tim Suzman, and Mark Kantor […]

Facebook Evolution

A pretty great Facebook movie that is a take on the popular Dove commercial.

CNET: Apple’s Move Could Force Everyone’s Hand

Greg Sandoval at CNET News.com wrote a solid analysis of Apple’s iTunes Plus launch. “For the record industry, it once again may find itself being herded into a direction of […]

Carriers Lose $100M a Year to Poor Phone Usability

According to FierceMobileContent, market research firm Strategy Analytics just reported that carriers are losing $100 million per year in revenues as a result of poor interface designs on cellphones. This […]

Third Screen Media Adds Gaming

Mobile advertising company Third Screen Media just announced a partnership with Hovr, a mobile game publisher, to open up a new avenue for cellphone ads. According to Telephia, almost 19 […]

YouTube Comes to Apple TV

It’s been a busy day for Apple. Steve Jobs just announced in an interview with tech columnist Walt Mossberg that starting in June, Apple TV owners will be able to […]

Fortune: Apple TV is a Dud

Brent Schlender, editor-at-large for Fortune, wrote a well-reasoned piece on Apple TV and why it’s not performing up to expectations. There are also some amusing photos showing uses for the […]

Coming Soon: Too Many Commercials?

Business 2.0 magazine is reporting on the coming deluge of cellphone commercials. (Wow, that sure sounds appetizing.) Ad-sponsored cellphone content would mean that we could eventually get lots of programming […]

Trakzor: The MyBlogLog of Facebook

Just this morning as I was leaving my house I was thinking that MyBlogLog should add their application to Facebook. Then I viewed Mike Jones’ (CEO of Userplane) profile on […]