FacebookCamp was on last night in Toronto. For those not familiar with the Barcamp or TorCamp, they are adhoc events organized by the community to share information and network. Last […]

How To Add Music To MySpace Profile Page

Have you ever wanted to add music on your MySpace profile but didn’t know how to do that? Everything has an answer and below I will list couple ways how […]

Faster Facebook Photo Upload Using iPhoto Plugin

I’m very happy for all the Mac users because they once again have things that Windows users are dreaming about. This time I’m speaking about faster and more user friendly […]

Music Management Within Facebook

I’ve covered a number of music management programs within Facebook already but I thought I’d feature Qloud given their robust feature set. The Qloud applicaiton allows you to track the […]

AdMob: Five Billion Served

San Mateo-based mobile ad firm AdMob just announced a dubious milestone: They have now served over five billion ads to cellphones since the company’s inception. As MediaPost reports, AdMob also […]

Breaking: NY Times To Drop TimesSelect

According to the New York Post, the New York Times has decided to drop its subscription service called TimesSelect, freeing up access to the Op-Ed columnists and other restricted content. […]

Meetup On Facebook

The popular site, Meetup.com, which allows you to find local events pertaining to practically any interest, has launched their official Facebook application. The most important features that are on the […]

My Mom Is On Facebook

I mentioned it the other day but last night I had a conversation with my mom who is now on Facebook. You know Facebook is gaining traction when my mom […]

Study: More Time Spent Surfing than Reading Newspapers

Related to yesterday’s post about the rise of Internet ad spending, Reuters is reporting that U.S. consumers this year will spend more of their day surfing the Internet than reading […]

Crisis Communications Gets Simplified With Facebook

I previously worked at a PR firm where we had a number of clients who were in need of “dark sites.” For those of you that don’t know what a […]