Will Facebook Acquire Applications?

One has to wonder what the exit strategy of a successful Facebook application is. Applications can either be used to increase your existing user base, generate cash flow through advertising […]

iPhone and YouTube: A Match Made in Heaven

Just as we predicted last month, Apple said today that the iPhone will be able to play YouTube videos. This wasn’t a huge leap of faith, of course, given that […]

Self-Help From Your Profile

Want to gain inspiration from your profile? Want to improve your health? How about improving your finances? You can improve just about everything once you add the World of Wisdom […]

Mark Zuckerberg

So I missed out on last week’s Facebook developer meetup but there is a relatively interesting video of Mark Zuckerberg at the event. Developers had an opportunity to shoot questions […]

Hot or Not Comes to Facebook

Hot or Not has expanded into Facebook territory. They have developed an application that has practically all of their existing feature sets but is tied directly into Facebook profiles. You […]

Will Facebook buy iLike?

What is the end game for apps that work? That is a burning question in the minds of potential Facebook Platform entrepreneurs and investors. Say I’m able to establish a […]

Friend Photos – Facebook Screensaver App

While the preponderance of new apps have been developed for use within the Facebook site itself, some developers are also building Facebook apps for the desktop. For example, FriendVis lets […]

FaceSpace: Users Fight Back?

While the majority of the world basically loves the Facebook app platform, whether due to hype-blinding or no, a growing number of users (perhaps necessitated simply statistically) are disgruntled. At […]

Facebook Photos on Your Screen Saver

Want your friend’s and your Facebook photos to be displayed on your screensaver? Look no further. Mark Johns has developed an insanely slick desktop application that automatically grabs selected friends’ […]

Too Many Applications?

I’ve been furiously covering Facebook applications for the past few weeks. At this point there are more applications being added each day than are worth the effort of putting on […]