Google Enters Online Music Fray

Google, Universal, and a new start-up company called gBox are teaming up to sell music exclusively through an ad based format, bucking the iTunes style method of selling music online, […]

Nielsen Wireless And Telephia To Merge

On Friday, Nielsen Wireless acknowledged that its recently launched Nielsen Wireless service will be integrated into telecom/mobile research leader Telephia now that the acquisition has been completed, Online Media Daily […]

TrackBot: The Trakzor Competitor

One of the most popular posts on my blog has been my article about the Trakzor application. Trakzor enabled you to view visitors to your profile. A similar application, TrackBot, […]

Another Ad Network Launches

Facebook advertising is big money. That’s why VideoEgg just launched the EggNetwork. EggNetwork takes Facebook advertising to a new level with the addition of a video advertising platform. The platform […]

The Myth of School Year Traffic

There has been a lot of talk within the development community claiming that once students go back to school, that will be the real test of applications. I have to […]

Platform Updates: Facebook App Co-regs, Cracking Down on Notification Spam

The Facebook Platform team notified developers this week of both an upcoming Platform feature and tighter monitoring of developers’ use of one of Facebook’s key viral channels. In a note […]

Facebook Source Code Leaked!

Last night I returned from Barcamp Washington, DC to see a post on Techcrunch about how the source code of Facebook has been leaked. Wow! After the posting, Nik Cubrolivik […]

Facebook Source Code Inadvertently Leaked

Tonight someone posted the PHP source code of Facebook’s home page on a new and otherwise empty blog called Facebook Secrets. Though the blog is still live, several others who […]

When Facebook Closes Your Account

I was having lunch today with my friend Benoit who had a horrible thing happen to him. His Facebook account was shut down. Facebook sent him an email saying that […]

More on Blockbuster’s Movielink Deal

Ars Technica reports that the Blockbuster-Movielink deal was likely in the $20 million range, meaning that Movielink burned through $100 million in capital without much to show for it. “Movielink’s […]