Mitch Kapor at Community Next

Mitch Kapor is an industry luminary. As Wikipedia states Mitch, “is the founder of Lotus Development Corporation and the designer of Lotus 1-2-3, the ‘killer application’ often credited with making […]

Is Facebook Starting to Grow Up?

In my last post I discussed how LinkedIn’s closed version of their API may end up providing them a competitive advantage over Facebook. That’s not the only advantage they have. […]

Track the 2008 Presidential Election Web 2.0 Style

CNET co-founder Shelby Bonnie has just launched his new startup with funding from four other former colleagues –

Are Applications Facebook's Version of Spam?

Myspace is known for the immense amount of spam that users receive. For me, this was one of the reasons that I stopped using Myspace. Everyday I received a friend […]

Jia Shen of RockYou at Community Next

RockYou is among the top two most popular application development groups. They have applications including XMe, Likeness, Vampires, Zombies, Werewolves and others. I had the opportunity to interview Jia Shen, […]

Dan Peguine at Community Next

I had the pleasure to hang out with Dan Peguine, developer of the Honesty Box application, at the Community Next conference. I covered Honesty Box back at the beginning of […]

Zack Allia of Free Gifts at Community Next

Back at the beginning of June I covered the Free Gifts application. Since then, the application has continued to grow and now has around 350,000 active daily users and over […]

More Mobile Web Acquisitions Hit the Wires

The mobile land grab continues. According to a new MediaPost article, San Francisco-based SendMe has announced its acquisition of the mbuzzy online and mobile community. At the same time, London-based […]

Grow-A-Gift At Community Next

Keith Schacht and Ben Pollack were two of the developers that worked on building the Grow-A-Gift application. Mark Achler then partnered with Ben Pollack while Keith went off and started […]

Radiohead Spokesperson: We May Never Release Numbers

Reaction is beginning to come in as Radiohead’s new, variable-pricing album went on sale on Tuesday. The reviews are largely positive. Yet a spokesperson for the band said that figures […]