Fortune Telling on Facebook

Do you want your fortune told on Facebook? Now you can with the Fortune Cookie application. The application was created by R. Tyler Balance and offers up fortunes on command. […]

Research Cars on the Go

The next time you’re at a car dealer, and the salesperson says something questionable – you know, that your 2004 Lexus is really only worth $4,000 on a trade-in – […]

Petbook: Facebook is not just for people

I now have proof that animal lovers will take over the world. A couple of new Facebook apps called Catbook and Dogbook let you set up a profile for your […]

Date Rate Lets You Get Back at Bad Dates

Have you ever wanted a way to let others know about how bad one of your dates was so they could avoid such a bad experience? Want a way to […]

Get A Date on Facebook has released an application for Facebook that matches you up with dates and wingmen. It is a pretty slick application but currently only has a few people on it. […]

Trakzor – Facebook profile tracker?

There’s a lot of confusion on Facebook currently around the new Trakzor Facebook app. Many people know Trakzor as the popular MySpace profile tracker, so it’s understandable why many people […]

Is Yahoo Buying Facebook?

There is a rumor circulating around the internet that Yahoo is buying Facebook for the sum of $2 billion. While there is the potential of Facebook getting bought especially with […]

Share Classnotes & Exams With Scribd

Looking for a school wide repository of class notes and past quizzes, tests, and exams? Scribd’s “Docs” application provides just that. Upload your class notes, find quizzes and exams to […]

Visit Your Friends With Smarter Travel

Want a quick and easy way to find cheap deals on flights to visit your friends? Smarter Travel just released an application that allows you to find great deals on […]

Coca-Cola To Launch Mobile “Teenager Hangout”

Reuters is reporting that Coca-Cola is creating a mobile social network for teenagers. Similar to MySpace or Facebook, the new network will “lure more youngsters to its sodas and flavored […]