Apparently I'm Unpatriotic

This morning I woke up to an interesting email: Hi, A Facebook user reported that your application Bush Countdown Clock violates out Terms of Use. The user reporting it selected […]

Facebook is the most used People Search Engine on the web

Most people know Facebook as a social network, not a technology company. Well, data released by Facebook today shows that Facebook users are searching in large volume: 500 million Facebook […]

Facebook Use Continues to Skyrocket

New data out from comScore today shows Facebook’s growth continuing to accelerate. Unique monthly visitors have almost doubled in the last year from 14 million in May 2006 to 26.6 […]

A Localized Facebook: Further Benefits of the App Platform

We got word recently that Nestoria (a housing search tool) released a Facebook app designed exclusively for Spanish speakers. The app itself (there’s an English-language UK version as well) seems […]

My App Enters the Directory

Finally! My Bush Countdown Clock that was previously rejected from the application directory has been approved! I needed to make one minor adjustment so that there was a removal page […]

Facebook Traffic Soars

Comscore has released statistics that shows a 15 percent growth in unique visitors to Facebook last month. This doesn’t come as surprising news but it is still very impressive. The […]

Politics Comes to Facebook

Facebook quietly rolled out a new application earlier this week. The politics application gives users the ability to support their favorite politicians and view each politician’s profile. Additionally you can […]

More on the Universal/Apple Dust-Up

Wired’s Listening Post blog is theorizing that the current spat between Universal and Apple is because Universal wants a piece of iPod sales. Here’s the money quote: “In addition to […]

Album Sales Still In Freefall

What was true for the first three months of 2007 is now true for the first six months: CD sales are plummeting. The AP is reporting that a total of […]

Apple: Universal rumors are false

Oddly enough, Apple is saying that they’re still in the process of renegotiating their contract to sell Universal Music’s catalog in the iTunes Store. This contrasts with an earlier report […]