Why Brands Need to Tailor to Each Social Platform to Win

Opinion: There is no sympathy for brands that use social media badly.

Facebook Details Hard Questions Regarding Deceased Users’ Accounts

The most recent installment of Facebook’s Hard Questions series focuses on how to handle the profiles of people who have passed on.

Publisher Logos Will Help Facebook Users See Where Their Content Is Coming From

Facebook introduced an easy way for users to tell when articles in its Trending feature and search originate from publishers.

Facebook Safety Check Will Soon Be Much More Accessible

Facebook is adding its Safety Check feature to its favorites menu, giving users quicker access.

Peanut’s Social Networking App for Moms Launched on Android

The app connects mothers based on their shared interests.

LinkedIn Users Can Finally Upload Videos

LinkedIn has begun rolling out the ability for users to upload videos.

Monday’s Solar Eclipse Cast a Dramatic Shadow Over Twitter and Facebook

Monday’s solar eclipse spurred more than 9 million tweets globally, along with 240 million interactions (posts, Reactions, shares and comments) from over 66 million Facebook users.

3 Reasons Why Reddit’s Video Advertising Is a Big Deal

Opinion: Reddit is a real internet powerhouse, and there’s probably no better platform for launching a would-be viral ad.

Nielsen Social Content Ratings, Week of Aug. 14: Game of Thrones Rules; Football Is Coming

Game of Thrones continued its reign over the Nielsen Social Content Ratings, but its grip on the crown is showing signs of loosening.

How Instagram and Snapchat Are Benefiting From Facebook’s Declining Teen and Tween Numbers

We’ve heard this before, and eMarketer is forecasting it yet again: Teens and young adults are drifting away from the social network.