Are Snapchat’s Sequential Ads Ready for Primetime?

Snapchat’s program would let brands run back-to-back video ads with different creative in Discover, the application’s content hub. For instance, a brand might run three 10-second ads instead of one 30-second spot.

Saturday Night Is Alright for Fighting: Twitter Will Livestream Showtime Boxing Card

Just when you thought the only fighting on Twitter these days had to do with politics, Showtime Sports is bringing a livestreamed boxing card to the social network Saturday night.

Fire Up the Chat Bots, as Facebook’s Messenger Platform Is Now Open for Standard Messaging

Facebook’s Messenger Platform is now open for standard messaging, with business and developers having a 24-hour window to respond to messages initiated by users of the social network’s messaging application.

YouTube Will Phase Out 30-Second Unskippable Ads After This Year

The bad news is that YouTube users still won’t be able to skip some ads. The good news is that the ads they can't skip will be shorter.

Tumblr Will Be 10 Sunday, Causing David Karp to Reflect

Tumblr will celebrate its 10th birthday Sunday and, while it may pale in comparison to the opus penned by Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg in honor of his social network’s 13th birthday, founder and CEO David Karp shared his thoughts.

Twitter Users Won’t See Any More Notifications From Blocked, Muted Accounts

A new Twitter safety feature will stop users from receiving notifications about replies to conversations started by users they've blocked or muted, unless the replies are from people they follow.

Twitter Is Dishing Out Emojis for NBA All-Star Weekend, and Rocking the Vote

You get an emoji, you get an emoji, everyone gets an emoji! Twitter Friday unveiled emojis for all 24 National Basketball Association All-Stars, as well as Turner Sports’ on-air personalities.

Brands Are Experimenting With Snapchat (Report)

According to a report by Spaplytics, Snapchat is the only social network that experienced no decline in engagement.

Why Social Commerce Isn’t Exploding Yet

Shoppers and sellers alike are increasingly wondering whether they should jump aboard the social commerce bandwagon and why they're struggling to figure out just how to do so.

Mark Zuckerberg Has His Eye on the Global Community as Facebook Enters Its Adulthood

The 13th birthday marks the beginning of adulthood in the Jewish religion, as well as the minimum age to have a profile on Facebook. And for Facebook, which celebrated its 13th birthday Feb. 4, it also marks a passage into the next stage of life.