Twitter Gives Props to Final Four Teams in Emoji Form

Twitter saluted the Final Four teams in the 2016-17 NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship tournament with special hashtag-triggered emojis.

FbStart Apps of the Year Submissions Are Due by May 1

Facebook is accepting submissions for its third annual FbStart Apps of the Year awards competition, and it will do so through May 1 at midnight PT.

Facebook Wants to Help You Raise Money With These Two New Features

Giving is good, and Facebook Thursday introduced two new ways for its users to encourage their friends, family and followers to do so: Personal Fundraisers, and the ability for verified pages to add donate buttons to their Facebook Live videos.

YouTube Creators Can Now Tap Community Contributions to Translate Videos’ Titles, Descriptions

YouTube users can now turn to their fellow YouTube users for help in translating their videos’ titles and descriptions into other languages.

Here’s How to Stop Facebook Friends From Seeing Your Posts

When you add a friend to your Restricted List, they won't see any of your future posts unless they are tagged in the posts or the posts have a "Public" privacy setting.

Facebook Added ‘Paid’ to Branded Content, and More Pages Can Now Start Publishing It

Facebook Thursday announced several updates related to branded content: enabling more pages to share it; updating its branded content tag to include the word “paid”; and cleaning up its policy and enforcement guidelines.

Twitter @Usernames Will No Longer Count Toward Its 140-Character Limit in Replies

Twitter’s 140-character limit remains intact, but the social network continues to introduce ways for users to pack more into those 140 characters, with Thursday’s update focused on replies.

Getting to Know Your Community, One Emoji at a Time

Opinion: Can a smiley face actually impact your social strategy? Yes, when it happens to be an emoji. What used to be seen as a frivolous tween communication method now has real business value.

Here’s How to Block Users in the Instagram App

If you've ever come across a bothersome Instagram user, did you know you can block them to stop them from bothering you?

5 Ways to Turn Social Users Into Social Shoppers

Social commerce still isn't mature, and users don't see it as a place for shopping.