Twitter Head of Sport, Australia Jonno Simpson Makes an Unscriptd Departure

Jonno Simpson, head of sport for Twitter Australia, left the company to assume the role of sports marketing director, Australasia, at global athlete content network Unscriptd.

Grandpa May Not Have Instagram, But That’s No Reason to Forego Influencer Marketing

Opinion: When marketers ponder using influencers as a marketing strategy, they generally imagine millennials on Snapchat, bubbly 20-somethings on Instagram and youthful, energetic mommy bloggers writing about everything from how to get stains out of baseball pants to the latest political scandal—not salt-and-pepper seniors over 65.

How to Position Your Product for Media Success

Position the product to tell its story.

A Stand-Alone App for Creators of Facebook Live Videos Is on Its Way

Facebook is developing a stand-alone application for creators of Facebook Live videos, which will debut as an update to its stand-alone Facebook Mentions app for celebrities, public figures and journalists.

Facebook Page Admins Have a New Way to Control Creators’ Tags in Branded Content

Facebook added a new feature to the Page Roles section of the admin panel for page administrators, giving them more control options over branded content.

Facebook Is Testing a New Video Tab in Its Apps’ Navigation Bars

Facebook confirmed that it is running a “small test,” in India, of a video tab in the navigation bar of its flagship mobile applications.

YouTube Has 1.5 Billion Monthly Users and Made Several Announcements at VidCon

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki announced at VidCon this week that the Google-owned video site now has 1.5 billion logged-in monthly users.

Facebook: Here’s How to Add a Bio to Your Profile

Did you know Facebook allows you to add a short Bio to your profile to help users learn more about you?

Facebook Teamed Up With Media Organizations to Launch Facebook Safety for Journalists

Facebook Friday announced the launch of Facebook Safety for Journalists, an initiative to help journalists protect themselves and their accounts on the social network.

What Twitter Users Were Talking About During the 2017 NBA Draft

The 2017 NBA Draft spurred 3.2 million tweets Thursday night.