New Emojis Galore for Twitter Users, But Only via Desktop, Mobile Web and TweetDeck

Twitter users now have access to a host of new and updated emojis as part of the release of Emoji 5.0, but only via desktop and mobile web, as well as TweetDeck.

YouTuber Kwebbelkop on What It’s Like to Star in Mobile Game Fastlane: Road to Revenge

Jordi van den Bussche, otherwise known as Kwebbelkop, spoke with Social Pro Daily about his role in Fastlane: Road to Revenge and more.

Publishers Creating Facebook Instant Articles Can Now Simultaneously Work on Google AMP (Apple News Soon)

The software-development kit for Facebook’s Instant Articles media-rich, quick-loading stories from publishers now supports Google AMP, and the social network said support for Apple News is on the way.

Using Social Media to Promote Your Service Business: 5 Dos and Don’ts

Opinion: How easy is it to sell a $7 product on social media? Very easy, no doubt. How about a $10,000 service? You can be sure it won’t be as easy.

How to Get a Job at One of LinkedIn’s Top Companies for 2017

LinkedIn revealed its second annual Top Companies list last week, listing the companies where its users really want to work, and Thursday, it shared tips on how they can make those dreams come true.

Twitter for Apple TV Now Supports Live 360-Degree Videos

Twitter for Apple TV became that platform’s first application to support live 360-degree video following an update Wednesday.

Facebook Just Tweaked Its Trending Feature Again and Announced a Test in News Feed

Facebook announced a redesign of the results page for its Trending feature, as well as a test in its mobile News Feed.

Small Businesses Are Missing the Boat on Social

One of the biggest concerns by small businesses is using digital strategy to drive—and track—in-store sales.

Facebook: Here’s How to Stop Non-Friends From Following You

Did you know Facebook allows users to follow others and view their public posts without being their friends?

Facebook’s Personal Fundraisers Feature Is Out of Beta

The Personal Fundraisers feature Facebook introduced in beta in late March is now out of beta, meaning that all U.S. users 18 and older can try their hands at raising money via the social network.