Twitter Kit 3 Brings Improved Sharing, Authorization to App Developers

Twitter announced the release of Twitter Kit 3, the newest version of its Twitter Kit software-development kit for app developers.

Facebook: Here’s How to Prevent Other Users From Viewing Your Friends List

One of Facebook's privacy options allows users to prevent non-friends, or even their own friends, from viewing their full Facebook friends list.

Facebook Advertisers Can Now Create Lookalike Audiences Based on Customer Lifetime Value

Facebook has incorporated customer lifetime value into its custom audiences, thereby enabling advertisers to create lookalike audiences using that information.

Twitter Is Celebrating Ramadan With Emoji, Periscope Hearts and a TV Guide Bot

The Muslim holy month of Ramadan begins Friday and runs through Saturday, June 24, and Twitter is helping users celebrate with special emoji, custom Periscope hearts and a Ramadan TV guide bot in the Middle East.

Social Media and Home Protection: 3 Tips to Stay Safe While Sharing

Opinion: Daily social media activities can expose us to another more displeasing world of stalkers, burglars and other nefarious people. To stay safe, we’ll need to be more vigilant about what we share and how we share it.

Back-to-Back Baseball for Twitter: Livestreamed MLB Games Tuesdays, New Show Wednesdays

Friday night’s visit by the Texas Rangers to the Toronto Blue Jays marks the last Friday-night livestreamed Major League Baseball game on Twitter before its package shifts to Tuesday nights, and the social network also announced a three-hour MLB program to be livestreamed on Wednesday nights.

Facebook Audience Network Advertisers Can Now Go Full-Width

Facebook Thursday introduced a new full-width ads format for Facebook Audience Network, its mobile advertising network.

Ads on Instagram Stories Are Now Available With Objectives Besides Reach

Instagram launched immersive, full-screen ads on Instagram Stories in January, making them available to all advertisers in March.

Creating a Snapchat On-Demand Geofilter Is Much Easier With Its New Web Tool

Users of the messaging app have been able to create on-demand geofilters since last February, via image editors such as Photoshop and Illustrator. Snapchat eased the process last August with its introduction of customizable templates and several other features.

Instagram Direct Now Supports Landscape and Portrait Modes, Links

Instagram announced Thursday that its Instagram Direct messaging feature now supports landscape and portrait orientations, as well as links.