YouTube Turned to Jigsaw’s Redirect Method to Keep Users Away From Terrorist Content

Can the Redirect Method from Jigsaw become a vital piece of the puzzle of fighting terrorist content on YouTube?

LinkedIn Launched a Lightweight Android App in India to Connect More Users

LinkedIn just opened up access to its professional network to many more potential users in India with its launch of lightweight Android application LinkedIn Lite.

Twitter Is Taking Action on 10 Times as Many Abusive Accounts Every Day as It Did Last Year

The war to keep Twitter users safe is won one battle at a time, and vice president of engineering Ed Ho provided an update on those battles.

Legendary Pokemon Are Coming to Pokemon Go

As part of Pokemon Go's first-anniversary celebration, Niantic revealed new details surrounding the upcoming arrival of Legendary Pokemon in the game.

What Has the Facebook Journalism Project Accomplished in Its First Six Months?

More than 10,000 publishers globally are now using Instant Articles, up 25 percent in the past six months alone, and more than one-third of all clicks to articles on Facebook are to Instant Articles.

What Do Twitter Users’ Eyes Tell Brands About Holiday Campaigns?

The eyes don’t lie: Twitter teamed up with eye-tracking and facial-coding technology provider EyeSee to help marketers prepare for their holiday campaigns with science and sentiment.

Social Data: Making Marketing More Transparent

Opinion: The traditional methods of gauging consumer sentiment via interviews and carefully conducted research, while still perhaps producing some valuable insights, are just no longer equipped to meet the requirements that marketers demand.

Publishers of Facebook Instant Articles Can Now Compare Them vs. Their Mobile Web Counterparts

Facebook Wednesday introduced a way for publishers to compare the performance of their Instant Articles with that of the mobile web versions of the same content.

Entering the Golden Age of the Six-Figure Freelancer

Opinion: Freelancing is the new pinnacle of a professional’s career path. In addition to hitting and surpassing the magic six-figure mark, independent professional work has opened up a new avenue for creatives to pursue projects that pay the bills, but also intrigue, inspire and fuel them.

How Facebook’s Efforts to Combat Fake News Will Affect Link Previews From Publishers

The next battleground in Facebook’s war against fake news is the link previews on shared posts from publishers.