News Stories That Mentioned Trump Tweets Weren’t Good News for Trump

If you read a news story that mentioned a tweet by President Donald Trump during his first 100 days in office, odds are that the story was not favorable to Trump.

Facebook Is Officially Rolling Out Its Explore Alternative News Feed

The Explore alternative News Feed Facebook has been testing since as early as February is officially rolling out.

Twitter Revealed a Host of Updates to Its Safety Policies

Twitter responded quickly to a tweetstorm late last week by CEO Jack Dorsey regarding the social network’s efforts to keep its users safe.

Facebook: Here’s How to Discover Pages to Like

Follow our guide to discover pages that may match your interests.

YouTube Has Manually Reviewed Over 1 Million Videos for Terrorist Content Since June

YouTube provided “large volumes of training examples” to its review teams.

Live Location Sharing Comes to WhatsApp

Live Location began rolling out Tuesday to iPhone and Android users globally.

Driving Paid Social Efficiencies With Top Creative

Opinion: Creativity is too often sacrificed at the expense of other media goals.

Regina Dugan Is Leaving Facebook’s Building 8 Hardware Unit

The head of Facebook’s Building 8 unit is on her way out of the building.

Twitter is Ringing In Diwali With a Hashtag-Triggered Emoji

Diwali, or Deepavali, will be celebrated in India Thursday.

Facebook Goes Retro With Its Test of Text-Only Temporary Profile Status Updates

Facebook confirmed that it is testing temporary profile status updates of up to 101 characters.