Why ‘10 Bands’ Viral Success on Facebook Was Inevitable

Opinion: The “10 bands” post that’s been sweeping through Facebook over the past week has been omnipresent and seemingly unstoppable, until it runs its course and shuffles off into obscurity in the very immediate future.

Google+ Adds Recommended Topics

Google released a new Topics feature in Google+, which will recommend Topics to users based on the things it thinks they will be interested in.

Facebook’s Messenger Lite Is Now Available in 150 More Countries

Messenger Lite, the “slimmed-down” version of Facebook Messenger aimed at areas with poorer internet connections, launched in 150 more countries this week.

Quarterbacks Dominated Conversation in the 4 Million Tweets About Round 1 of the NFL Draft

The first round of the 2017 NFL Draft Thursday night was the topic of some 4 million tweets.

YouTube, Homer Simpson and the Creative Revolution

Opinion: Perhaps YouTube's biggest misstep was assuming that it could apply a single-screen direct-response strategy to a multimedium upper-funnel platform.

Facebook Automated the Process of Protecting Rights to Video Content

Facebook Thursday announced an update to its Rights Manager tools for owners of the rights to video content on the social network, enabling those owners to establish automated rules to help protect their videos.

Facebook Says the Reach of Fake News Operations During the 2016 Election Was ‘Statistically Very Small’

Facebook’s efforts to keep its user base informed about the steps it is taking to combat fake news now include a look at the news period that brought the issue to the forefront in the first place: the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Facebook Received 64,279 Government Requests for Account Data in the Second Half of 2016

Government requests for Facebook account data rose 9 percent in the second half of 2016 compared with the first half of the year, to 64,279 from 59,229, but requests for content restrictions for violating local laws were down 28 percent, to 6,944 from 9,663.

Sports Illustrated, Yahoo Sports Tap Facebook Live for NFL Draft Coverage

The first round of the 2017 NFL Draft kicks off Thursday night, and Sports Illustrated and Yahoo Sports will provide coverage of all 32 picks via Facebook Live.

Star Wars: Puzzle Droids Is Disney’s Latest Star Wars Mobile Game

Over the years, companies including Electronic Arts, Netmarble, Konami and even Rovio have released games based on the Star Wars license, and some of these games have been used to advertise new films in the franchise via the addition of themed content updates.