Facebook Live 360 Can Now Support Resolution Up to 4K

Facebook Tuesday announced several updates to its Live 360 livestreamed 360-degree video feature.

Improved Social Media Metrics Boost the Value of Influencer Marketing to Merchants

Opinion: What began more than one decade ago in the form of high-profile bloggers and then gave way to high-profile social media stars has yielded an increasingly complex yet increasingly sophisticated channel through which merchants can positively affect sales.

The American Customer Satisfaction Index’s Top Social Network Is … Google+?

You may not know many people who still use Google+, but that waning group is apparently quite satisfied with the social network.

Nielsen Social Content Ratings, Week of July 17: Game of Thrones Stays Strong

The North remembers: Sunday night’s episode of Game of Thrones on HBO froze out the competition in the Nielsen Social Content Ratings for the week.

Instagram Platform API Users Can Now Access Metrics, Insights via the API

Following an update Monday, the Instagram Platform API is now built on the same stack as Facebook’s Graph API.

Lots of Folks Conducted Interviews at Comic-Con, But Tumblr Did GIFerviews

Interviews at 2017 Comic-Con Expo in San Diego are nothing new, but what about GIFerviews?

Legendary Pokemon Are Now Available in Pokemon Go

Players around the world can now capture Lugia and Articuno by participating in Legendary Raids that may appear at Gyms near them.

Personal Branding 101: Social Media Matters—Know How to Fix Yours

Opinion: Your job history won't provide them information about whether you're a hardcore partier, an angry antisocial loner with ties to fringe political groups or a savvy insider with a strong network and a sincere passion for the industry, but your social media accounts will.

Google’s Motion Stills App Lets Android Users Create GIFs, Videos

While Motion Stills on iOS allows users to transform their Live Photos into GIFs and longer videos, the Android version allows users to record new clips within the app.

WhatsApp Job Listings Indicate a Move Toward Monetization

Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in May that monetization of messaging application WhatsApp was not imminent, but things appear to have changed over the past couple of months.