Why Nextdoor Believes It Can Be Social Media’s Next $1 Billion Advertising Machine

It plans to be the next-generation Yellow Pages.

Facebook Is Hosting Its First ‘Community Summit’ This Summer, Aiming to Bring People Together IRL

Facebook's first real-life event for Groups page admins will take place this summer in Chicago.

Twitter Is Expanding Its Video Measurement Partnerships to Help Marketers Gauge Ad Performance

The company said Moat, Integral Ad Sciences, Nielsen and comScore will let brands better understand whether people are indeed seeing their ads.

With 16 Million Downloads, the Serial Team’s S-Town Podcast Shows Inventive Storytelling Can Pay Off

S-Town deals with love, loss and clocks in a small Alabama town.

Twitter Withdraws Lawsuit After U.S. Government Drops Demand to Reveal Anti-Trump User’s Identity

The Department of Homeland Security had demanded that the company unmask the @ALT_uscis account.

Facebook’s New Virtual Assistant Helps Users With Various Tasks Based on Messenger Conversations

It seems like every platform has its own AI assistant, and now the social network has one, too. Its 'M' is more like Allo than Siri, though.

Facebook Just Rolled Out Tools That Will Help Marketers Measure and Predict Campaign Performance

The social network added features to its advertising dashboard that provide more data and add transparency.

Business Insider Is Wading Into the Crowded Pool of News Programming With a Streaming Show

The publisher is launching a weekly, 15- to 20-minute live show on Facebook and Twitter covering news from the business and markets industries with Fidelity as the exclusive sponsor.

AOL’s Marketing Chief Explains the Name ‘Oath’ and Why It Matters for AOL and Yahoo’s Brands

The umbrella brand is officially launching this summer, though it was prematurely announced.

Google Is Using Artificial Intelligence to Make Sure YouTube Content Is Safe for Brands

The digital giant is also working with MRC-accredited third parties that can conduct ad verification audits.