The Guardian Frames Season 3 of Bosch With Branded Content Series ‘How to Solve a Murder’

It's the second such collaboration in support of the Amazon series.

Newspaper Columnist Disappointed by Lack of Outrage Over ‘Golden Bitch’ Billboard

Jeff Kramer's latest stage play, The Golden Bitch, opens April 21.

Wired Is the Latest Publication to Provide a Secure Space for Sources Bearing Information

Wired signs on to SecureDrop.

Red Bull Pops the Cork on Its Partnership With Photographic Agency Magnum

Magnum was christened 70 years ago this spring, over--yes--a champagne bottle.

Bloomberg Adds a Section Devoted to Covering Climate Change

Introducing Climate Changed.

Beastie Boys Headline Latest Issue of Flood Magazine

Issue #6 is a print must-buy for fans of the band.

Time 100 Makes Room Once Again for Kim Jong-un

North Korean leader returns to the list for a seventh time.

Vanity Fair’s Michael Callahan on the ‘Killer Idea’ and Writing 6,000-Word Stories

This week's 'Lunch' guest was inspired for his latest book by a 1930s-era beauty queen.

This Evening: Slate Culture Gabfest Is Live From Washington for the First Time Ever

It starts at 7:30 p.m. ET.

Mel Brooks Is Blazing Mad About Newspaper’s Retreat From Horse Racing Coverage

A 90-year-old man tweets.