Malkin vs. Jordan update

Nice to know people are reading. Fishbowl just got two e-mails from readers who’d found that Michelle Malkin did, in fact, talk to both Rep. Barney Frank and Sen. Christopher […]

Crimes Against Urbanity (Hitting Close to Home)

Crimes Against Urbanity (Hitting Close to Home)

That Familiar Smoky Baritone

Every so often Washington’s third- (or is it fourth- or fifth-?) place newspaper has something worth reading. Today, the Times of Washington talks with NPR’s former Voice-of-the-Morning Bob Edwards. He […]

Iraq? Iran? Warning? Threat? Heck, they’re all the same…

Count on our buddies at Fox News to follow up on Dick Morris’ knee-padded mash note to Condi Rice by framing her quite calm and sober interview with same Balanced […]

L.A. Mexican Immigrants on Guidebook: Two Puglares Down

Last month the Mexican government published the pamphlet ‘Guide for the Mexican Migrant’, a how-to primer aimed at non-legal Mexican immigrants in the US. As one might predict, this book […]

Marcia Cross Gayness Update

Indeed, Marcia Cross denied being gay on ‘The View’ today. Regarding the rumors, she said: “It was very odd.” Barbara Walters, award-winning journalist, appeared bewildered, musing: “How does it arise? […]

Hunter Thompson update

The Dr. is in

Davos Dustup: Michelle Malkin vs. Eason Jordan

Nice to know bloggers aren’t always the Rodney Dangerfields of the news business, at least not to Michelle Malkin, conservative pundit and sometime punching bag for Bill Maher’s show. This […]

Travel + Leisure’s First Annual Design Awards

Travel + Leisure's First Annual Design Awards

CBS’ George Herman, 1920 – 2005

CBS announced yesterday that veteran correspondent and 15-year “Face the Nation” host George Herman passed away at D.C.’s GWU Hosp. He was 85. Present almost since the conception at CBS, […]